June 23, 2024


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10 Top Digital Marketing Owners To Follow To Learn Digital Marketing in 2022

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Meet the people guiding young entrepreneurs to build strong businesses with skills and systems 

1. Jeremy Schaller (@B2BGrowthJeremy) – Growth Expert

After a stint in real estate marketing, Jeremy spent 5 years as head of marketing for a data center corporation, where he was published in several top media outlets and doubled their bottom line. From there, he founded Autopilot Growth where he and his team revamp and scale companies’ lead generation and sales processes, giving them a 6-57x ROI. Jeremy has made it his personal mission to bring help and inspire other marketers and entrepreneurs to do the same. Through his book and social media accounts, Jeremy delivers content on sales and lead generation growth that is both relatable and highly actionable.

2. Chase Dimond (@ecomchasedimond) – Email Marketing

Chase runs a 7-figure email marketing agency and over the past 4 years has sent over a billion emails and done over $100 million in email revenue for his clients. He’s made it his personal mission to educate and inspire others to do the same. Through his free newsletter, social accounts, and podcast, Chase drops daily email marketing, copywriting, and agency tips and tricks that you can’t find anywhere else.

3. David Riggs:@dwilliamriggs – Web Design / SEO

In under 2 years, David Riggs went from college student to running a 7 figure SEO agency with over 10 team members. Whether it be meeting with clients, honing in campaigns, or improving processes, David enjoys the thrill of running a fast growing startup in the competitive market of SEO. Pneuma Media is a web and SEO agency. Pneuma went from 0 – 7 figures pretty quickly because they’re filled with some talented A+ players. David is slowly working his way out of Pneuma to buy other agencies and build a small portfolio of online media companies.

4. Lucas James @lucascapestany – Partnerships/Referalls

Lucas James is a software developer and digital marketing agency owner. After scaling his own agency (Twiz) to $185k MRR, he is devoting all his time and energy to scaling AgencyGo. AgencyGo is a software that helps agency owners make millions of dollars from agency partnerships for free.

5. Jordan Ross @jordan_ross_8F – Operations

Jordan runs 8 Figure Agency. A consultative agency that partners with digital marketing agencies to help them scale through systems. Their primary focus with their clients is to scale their businesses through best in class operational structures, fulfillment processes and teams.

6. Cold Email Wizard @blackhatwizardd – Cold Email

Cold Email Wizard aka Daniel is the creator of Client Ascension, Cold Email Mastery, Video Sales Letter Mastery, Mailerrize, ContactEcom, and KleanLeads. His courses and 5 software companies were all made with the purpose of helping digital marketing agencies book more sales calls through the use of cold email. Daniel focuses the majority of his social media content on high value processes like offer creation, high leverage activities and efficiency to go hand in hand with his softwares.

7. Andre Haykal Jr @andrehaykaljr – B2B Lead Generation

Andre runs KnowledgeX, a B2B lead generation agency that helps other agency owners acquire their dream clients. When he’s not running his agency, he’s busy educating aspiring agency owners on his findings in marketing, cold email and entrepreneurship on Twitter.

8. Leon Burda @youngwealthwiz – Offer Creation

Leon got his start in digital marketing after a brief stint running a motocross apparel empire. Now he’s the founder of Burda Ventures a growth consultancy helping B2B startups grow their revenue by 200% in 200 days with systems revolving around offer creation, funnel creation, sales processes and hiring and delegation. The majority of the content Leon makes revolves around the top of the funnel and squeezing more juice out of each interested lead.

9. Connor Weinacht @connor-weinacht-💎-27404519b/ – Web Design / Email Marketing

Connor founded Emod Marketing. An agency focused on the cannabis industry offering web design and email marketing. Due to building a website in under a week for Richard Hutchins, they were invited to walk the red carpet with him. Connor posts actionable insights on his Linkedin about marketing, web design and growing a team.

10. Diego Escudero @wolfoffunnels – Funnel Creation

Diego has been in the digital marketing industry for 6 years. He runs a funnel agency dedicated to help course sellers to build and optimize their funnels to increase their conversion rate and average order value. The system to help his clients is simple, optimize funnels with copywriting strategies.


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