April 19, 2024


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2022 Sci-Fi Contest: Schrödinger’s Trigger Is Trained On Electrons, Not Cats


Although it is real that Hackaday scribes and their family members are regrettably not able to compete in our contests, Hackaday alum are more than welcome to throw their hat in the ring. [Legionlabs] even created a match of it — they made use of only components from the scrap heap, and even played conquer the clock to build a authentic, science-fictiony, performing point in 8 hrs or much less.

All right, neat, but what does it do? Properly, set only, a increasing edge on the input drives 1 of two outputs, lighting a single of two drool-deserving flanged LEDs. Which output will [alight] is unknowable until noticed, consequently the Schrodinger’s part. In practice, the output is decided by sampling. In this circumstance, the sampling is of the time variation amongst 3 electron-tunneling functions.

Phase 1 of Schrodinger’s Induce is a pair of inputs — one particular variable 10-15 VDC enter and 5 VDC enter. Then arrives the electron-tunneling party generator. [Legionlabs] is reverse-biasing a semiconductor junction (a 2N551 transistor). What does that suggest? If we look at the junction as a diode and use voltage in the erroneous course, what occurs? At ideal, very little at worst, the smoke monster seems to admonish us.

But with a semiconductor performing as a diode, some electrons are certain to leap across the junction. This is recognized as tunneling, and is a useful phenomenon as it is purely random.

Phase a few consists of amplifying the signal from these rebel electrons by means of hex inverters. Why not op-amps? The CD4069s were less costly and within just access. Eventually, the amplified indicators are sampled with an ATtiny12, and some assembly logic figures out which LED to mild.

It is wonderful to see an entry that leans a lot more towards the science side of things while profitable aesthetically. We dig the good Abs enclosure, and are fully envious of [Legionlabs]’ entry to flanged LEDs and people glass table prime mounting issue discs in the corners.


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