April 13, 2024


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4 Bad Computer Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

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Computers are one of the most commonly used things ever invented by man. People use them to do almost everything in life. However, we have come to rely on these devices so much to an extent we spend more than nine hours a day using them. Though they make life simpler, prolonged use of computers can lead to serious physical and health hazards. Here are four bad computer habits that can predispose you to these hazards.

Inappropriate Posture

Many people who use a computer are usually not conscious about how they sit and position their bodies. Bad posture can worsen depression and stress and cause chronic fatigue and headaches. Ensure you position your body appropriately to prevent yourself from developing these conditions. Your buttocks should be properly positioned in the center of the seat. Do not lean over the keyboard and ensure you back touches the seat all the time. You can use a pillow for effective results.

Too Much Screen Time

Spending too much time on a computer screen subjects your eyes to an excessive endurance workout. Overworking your eye muscles can lead to severe dryness, fatigue, blurred vision and irritation. Other strained eye muscle symptoms may include headaches and neck pains. Scientists have also revealed that too much exposure to a computer screen can result in grey matter shrinkage. Grey matter makes up the largest part of your brain and helps transmit messages between the neurons. This is not great news, so you need to change immediately. If you have to use a computer for long periods, buy screen protection sunglasses or use an app to control the intensity of light in your device. You can also take breaks after every one hour or limit the time you spend in front of a computer.

Poor Hand Posture

Positioning your hands inappropriately when buy glasses for computer screens or use an app to control the intensity of light in your device.typing can result in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This condition is caused by the repeated movement of the nerves and muscles in the hands. Individuals with this condition may experience numbness or pain in the wrists and hands. Occasional tingling and stiffness in the fingers may also occur. You can prevent yourself from developing the syndrome by positioning your hands properly. Make sure the elbows are bent at 90 degrees and keyboard close enough so that you don’t overstretch your fingers. Your wrists should be straight and at the same level with the fingers.

Sitting for Long Without Taking a Break

Some people sit in front of a computer for more than five hours without taking a break. Sitting for long may cause pressure to build up in your spine, leading to chronic and severe back pains. You may also develop pain in the joints and neck due to muscle tension in these areas. You can prevent these problems by taking a break in between your work hours. Walk around the office, check on your workmates in the other room or do some office exercises. You should also ensure your work space is organized so that you don’t twist your muscles and joints when reaching out for something.