April 13, 2024


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5 Google Sheets Functions to Know


My motto: “The remedy is constantly a spreadsheet.” Right here are 5 formulas that can enable you get additional out of using Google Sheets.

1. Month()

I use Google Types, which suggests I have Google Sheets with a timestamp. The issue is that the timestamp consists of the day and the time which can make it difficult to depend how many ended up submitted on a particular day. Use =Month(A2) and =Working day(A2) to get the thirty day period and day

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2. Special

I use a Google Type to history students heading to the bathroom, or checking out textbooks, or so numerous issues! The pupils pretty perfectly could fill out the same Form extra than 1 time. In the spreadsheet, I have a checklist of all the moments a student went to the rest room, but how do I know which college students used the restroom? Applying the formula =Exceptional() I can condense a prolonged record to remove repeated values.

3. GoogleTranslate

Right here is a purpose you will not uncover in Excel. Often you are in need to have of translating many things for mom and dad or students. Use =GOOGLETRANSLATE(A2) to translate what ever language is in A2 into English. English is the default translation.

Try out my Template

I have established a template working with the =GOOGLETRANSLATE formula so that regardless of what language is typed into column A it will routinely translate into “all” languages. (all supported by Google Translate). Recommendation to delete the columns you do not want to translate into.

4. RandBetween

I individually use this a Large amount. It enables me to crank out random quantities for a wide variety of uses. =randbetween(1,30) lets me pick out a random pupil on my roster for example.

5. Filter

Occasionally you want to screen information and facts, perhaps from a Kind, in a filtered watch. If many lecturers use the exact Google Sort for passes then you may want to only see the checklist of pupils who have been sent to you.

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