April 14, 2024


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5 major Signs that geeks always exhibit

8 Tell-Tale Signs You're A Geek - Hongkiat

You might have been referred to as a geek or you notice from your little idea that you are starting to notice that you might be a geek. Thus, you might want to check what the characters of a geek are and which of them you ticked right. You might also want just like people who are geeks and want to identify with them by behaving with them. It might also just be a case of curiosity or one of your friends is behaving like one and you want to be sure before you go all out to start referring to them as one. Irrespective of the reasons why you want to know about geeks, here are some of the characters of a geek.

Geeks are very loyal to such things that they love. The implication is that they will be very committed to it and you will find them always talking about what they love. For instance, it could be a particular field, item, or hobby. Whatever the item is, their commitment to that item will not be in doubt and it would take only spending a few minutes with them before you start noticing their commitment to it. They would also want to be the first to learn about a new development in that field they are committed to such a new invention or an upgrade to a former invention. They might be committed to a whole large field such as technology, or a smaller part of technology such as computers, or a yet smaller part of computers, probably software or a particular brand. It would be common to find these kinds of items on electronic stores like MyGeekbox.

Would never leave what they are committed to
If a geek is committed to a particular thing, they would put their all into that particular thing and would rarely move away from that item. A significant percentage of their time will be spent on researching the items that they are committed to. While some might also make out time for other things, there are extreme geeks whose interest is limited to only learning new things about what they are passionate about and nothing else.

They always have a perspective and always stick to it
If they have already formed a perspective about the things they are committed to, they would always stick to that perspective. They would not change their thoughts on that item for any reason whatsoever. They would always want to see only the positive parts of their commitment and no matter how logical the information is, they are likely not to shift their grounds. They are committed to just seeing things they love from a particular perspective.

You would find out that people who are geeks enjoy keeping other people who are geeks as friends. In most cases, they will prefer to make friends with people that share in the item or field that they are committed to and those that have similar fashion. This way, they can always talk together with such people as opposed to arguing with people who have divergent views. The aim is to move around with people that understand them as it might be difficult for most other people to understand why geeks behave the way they do.

Are geeks the same thing as nerds?
There is a significant difference between geeks and nerds. Even though both of them are committed to a particular item or field, geeks are more interested in gathering collections, mementos, and facts about their topic of interest. On the other hand, nerds are more committed to studying the topic and gaining intellectual prowess.