November 30, 2023


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5 Ways to Print Your Documents from Anywhere

Although the world is moving towards paperless documentation, there are instances where a hard copy of the document is preferred or needed. The good news is that with the progress in modern printing technology, the availability of online printers has made our lives a lot easier.

We can now get a print job done for our documents from anywhere. We do not have to go through a whole lot of hassles to get a print nowadays. There are some pretty good options available should you need to print your documents on the go.

Here, we list five ways to get your documents printed from anywhere.

1. Mopria Print Service

If you have a document stored in your phone you can get a printout directly by connecting to your printer. Gone are the days when you had to send your documents to your laptop or computer by email attachments to get a printout of the same.

If you haven’t yet printed from your smartphone before, you will see just how easy it is. In order to do it, you will need the Mopria Print Service app.

You will also need to check that your online printer is set up on a WiFi network and you will need an android smartphone or tablet that is connected to the same network. From your android device open the file manager app, Here all your documents, images, and pdfs are stored.

From the file manager app, you can open the file or pdf you want to print and tap on the three dots on top, then select print. A separate print window will appear and here you can select the printer that you want to use for the print job.

You will get a lot of options here just like you get on your computer. You can select how many documents you want to print, the paper size, the orientation, the layout, printing in color or black and white, etc. If your document consists of more than one page, you can even select to print double-sided, or even the exact page you want to print.

Once you have selected the options to your satisfaction, just tap the print icon, and just like magic, the WiFi-connected printer will start printing your document straight from your smartphone.

You no longer have to email your document from your smartphone to your laptop or desktop to get your document printed. Mopria does it for you from the comfort of your android device. Just like magic.

What more? Printing with Mopria Print Service is easy and secure. You can rest assured that there will be no online data theft for your printed document.

2. Remote Printing

If you are out of your home or office and you need a print of your document ready when you reach there, you can send a print job to your local printer from your mobile phone.

Suppose, you are traveling and your colleague urgently needs a print of a particular document at your office. You do not have to send emails and attachments anymore. You can simply order your documents to be printed through an online printer that is remotely set up with the local printer at your office.

Once your printer is remotely set up and connected through the internet, you can order a print job from anywhere using your connected Android device and your printer will be able to print it.

3. Shipping Printing Kiosks

If you are on the move and need an urgent print, printing kiosks at local outlets of shipping companies can come in handy. Shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS have printing services available at their outlets across the US and also worldwide.

You can give a print job order by getting access to one of their online printers and pick up the printout from their location later.

4. Local Print Shops

Just like shipping companies, there are a lot of local print shops around the world. These are local businesses and seldom have any chain of outlets. However, these local print shops can come to the rescue if you need to print your documents and images on the go.

You can transfer the files to their computer from your computer or memory stick to get them printed. Additionally, many local and branded office supplies and stationery stores also have printing facilities.

5. Public, University, or Local Library

Visiting a library is a better way to get your documents printed cheaper than most commercial printing outlets. You may use a library printer if you have a bulk of copies for printing.

Even most towns have a library these days. If you have a membership at a local library, you may also get special rates available, especially for the members. Do check with your local library for price discounts, if any.

At a modern library, you may use their online printer service or log in to your library account and get the printing done. Many libraries also have modern printers that can transfer the files for printing directly from a memory stick.

Wrap Up

There was a time when printing a document meant going through various hassles. Thankfully, with the latest revolutions in printing technology, you now have the option to use online printers.

Now, you can remotely order a print of your documents at your office or home printer, or you may get a printout right at any place while you are on the move. So, you have quite a few options under your sleeves next time you are on the go; and you need to print your documents.