June 25, 2024


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CompassCom Fleet Management Software and Tracking Solutions

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If you’re looking to improve the productivity of your company’s fleet, consider CompassCom Fleet Tracking Solutions. This company has been an Esri Business Partner for 27 years and provides enterprise-level mobile IoT solutions. Their Fleet Tracking Solutions include all five elements of Automatic Vehicle Location. You can access these solutions through the CompassCom plug-in for the Cityworks Server AMS viewer. For more information, contact a representative today.

CompassCom Software

Suppose your business is looking to improve the efficiency of its fleet management. In that case, you should consider the benefits of CompassCom’s COTS telematics. These applications can help you make better decisions and improve processes by providing real-time and historical data. They are also fully compatible with broadband cellular and Motorola land mobile radio. They are also designed to help you reduce response times and streamline workflows. The software can also help you improve training and efficiency.

CompassTrac Enterprise is a hosted solution for enterprises. It allows for secure deployments behind user firewalls and supports Esri ArcGIS Online. The CompassLDE asset tracking platform supports enterprise GPS vehicle tracking. It is compatible with Motorola private mobile radios and LTE (Motorola(r))-equipped mobile devices. These telematics solutions provide a complete operational picture of a fleet and provide a common view to all stakeholders.

CompassWorks SaaS

If you’re looking for a SaaS Fleet Tracking solution, look no further than CompassWorks. The CompassWorks SaaS Fleet Tracking and Management Platform offers customizable workflows for individual users and entire departments and in-vehicle and in-vehicle tracking with GNSS enabled devices. This SaaS Fleet Tracking and Management solution supports enterprise requirements and integrates with ArcGIS data.

Fleet management software

CompassCom‘s fleet management software empowers mobile workers and companies with the latest technology. The CompassCom platform uses advanced GPS tracking and Esri GIS technology. The company’s fleet management software helps users achieve operational excellence, accountability, and sustainability. The CompassCom platform supports multiple departments and is certified for critical infrastructure missions. Its cloud-based and on-premises deployment options provide the security, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness needed to run any fleet.


With the help of a dashcam, fleet managers can keep up with their responsibilities without leaving the cab. Video recording allows fleet managers to review incidents and see what went wrong. In addition to reducing labor costs, dashcams are also great for improving safety. You can use video recording to exonerate drivers if accidents aren’t their fault. You can also use video evidence to mediate tough situations.

Advanced dash cams have built-in AI to detect risky driving behaviors and coach drivers on safe driving behaviors. They also connect to the internet through a high-speed cellular connection and can automatically upload footage to cloud storage, available for near-instant viewing. Dashcams can also be purchased separately for each vehicle. When purchasing a dashcam, make sure the camera is compatible with the fleet tracking system.


Geo-fencing allows you to set boundaries around your service area, enabling you to keep an eye on your fleet vehicles in real-time. By setting up geofencing for your fleet tracking solutions, you can protect your assets, ensure that your drivers take the most efficient routes, and improve fuel economy. And because it is automatic, geo-fencing eliminates the need for two-way communication or driver testimony.

When a driver is working for a company, they have a lot of work. Typically, drivers are responsible for covering a large distance in a day. But in many cases, drivers are responsible for a certain geographic area. Geo-fencing helps fleet owners spread their resources more effectively. Geo-fencing allows businesses to prevent their vehicles from going too far, and it will alert them if a driver deviates from the boundaries. Geo-fencing is just one of the many benefits offered by CompassCom fleet tracking solutions.


CompassCom has provided enterprise mobile IoT and fleet tracking solutions for more than two decades. Their solutions include all five elements of Automatic Vehicle Location and Esri’s GIS and analytics. CompassCom solutions are supported by Motorola mobile radio and broadband cellular. Government-approved contract vehicles are also available. Customization is available for enterprise fleet management applications. Read on to learn more about how you can customize CompassCom fleet tracking solutions.

Using the powerful tools of COTS telematics, CompassCom delivers its solutions quickly and easily without the need for internal IT departments. The telematics’ advanced capabilities enable businesses to boost situational awareness, operational efficiencies, and sustainability. Using COTS telematics also provides flexibility since you can easily customize and deploy the solutions in a short timeframe. And because these COTS solutions are interoperable with various communication technologies, they can integrate with existing systems and networks, including Motorola land mobile radio.