April 20, 2024


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CRM in Marketing

CRM as a marketing management system allows automation of all kinds of processes – from lead generation to marketing campaigns and loyalty programs management.

Nowadays, momentary needs define decision to purchase goods. According to the statistics, customers themselves carry out about 70{ed536bf8733519818c7dcf8ff936a6e805b0b53c157edde7632cf06060b098b1} of selling process.

Many companies focus on those customers, who are almost ready to commit a purchase, i.e. those who have already defined the need, the budget and the time for implementingthe purchase. Potential customers can be divided into two groups: those ready for purchasing and those needing some time to make a decision. The majority of customers belong to the second group. One should work with potential costumers much before they make a decision to purchase goods.

However,costumer’s loss can happen. Customers’ outflow may be caused by both external (e.g. actions of competitors, customer’s financial situation change) and internal (e.g. lack of managers’ efficiency) reasons. You can minimize impact of the internal reasons through providing better customer service, improving coordination and processes automation. CRM system allows integrating marketing, sales and customer service; better focusing on consumers, increasing sales and customer’s LTV.

CRM as marketing management system

Many companies consider CRM to be the means of clients’ database management system. It is the system that allows building relationships with customers. In addition to leading customers through sales funnel, it also provides participation of clients’ database in triggered mailing, e-mail marketing, events and loyalty programs.

CRM in marketing solves the following objectives:

Tracking of key points of interface with customers, data collection.

Track all interface points with your clients. CRM system allows tracking all the stages from lead to deal. For that purpose, the system has special accounts, e.g. sales funnel and detailed account of interface points. CRM can also collect customers’ database and classify it, which allows discovering the most effective channels of attraction.

The system helps to form 360° client profiles, which include not only socio-demographic data, but also purchasing activity, demands, interface records, etc. And bpm’online marketing management system with the help of AI technology provides additional information from open sources and social networks.

Management of marketing activities

Marketing management system allows planning and managing more than one marketing campaigns at the same time: webinars, conferences, advertisement campaigns, stocks, etc. CRM system helps fixing date and time of event, forming a team and a budget, collecting feedback. Efficiency of each campaign is estimated with the use of powerful analytical instrument, which, for example, can classify audience of events by feedback for receiving more structured image.

Personal email marketing provides unlimited possibilities for interfacing with clients. The system allows fixing date and time of mailing, selecting proper receivers and collecting feedback on mailing results.

And triggered campaigns allows using various possibilities for growing customers’ demands.

Loyalty programs management

CRM in marketing is a powerful means of attracting, holding and developing clients that allows implementing loyalty programs management and expansion of brand advocates society. The system helps to monitor key efficiency indicators, define relevant interfaces for each kind of audience and control consumers’ behavior.