April 14, 2024


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Different Modes of Carrom Gameplay

Different Modes of Carrom Gameplay

Carrom is a board game quite popular across the world. And with the emergence of online platforms, carrom is gaining immense popularity. One of the most unique aspects of this board game is that people, irrespective of age, love it. So unlike other games, carrom has a considerable fan base.

The rules are easy to master, and the gameplay seems interesting as it progresses. Though there are “n” numbers of formats and modes in carrom to play, the International Carrom Federation has some specific guidelines. It is important to note here that in major carrom tournaments, you would come across only one format, i.e., board.

However, you can find a variety of modes in online carrom platforms. These modes are quite beneficial in improving your overall skills and striking ability. Check this app to gain proper insights into the various methods of carrom gameplay.       

Family Point Carrom

Well, the game of carrom originated first as a family game. That’s why the first variant is related to how individuals play carrom at the residences. Like all other modes of carrom, the family point carrom is also easy to master. However, you should have good knowledge of striking the carrom men in angular position.

Always remember that the main objective of this mode of carrom is to enjoy and spend quality time with your family members. In other words, it doesn’t matter which color pieces you are picketing! On the other hand, it is also imperative to be aware of the point’s distribution of this mode of carrom gameplay.

For pocketing each black carrom man, you would get five points. For netting each white carrom man, you would get ten points. Pocketing the queen makes you earn twenty-five points, which is the highest. And as it is a family-centric game, you can play the game individually or in pairs. As per many experts, you were playing the family point carrom individually improves your sense of angles and striking abilities. Interestingly, many online platforms nowadays have family point carrom that is quite exciting.   

Total Point Carrom

The total point carrom is another popular mode of gameplay. In total point carrom, each player has to play individually. What’s more, they also have to wait for their turns to participate in the game. And like all other modes, you have to be aware of the point’s distribution of total point carrom. By pocketing the black carrom man, you would get five points.

On the other hand, you will earn ten points if you pocket the white pieces. Interestingly, if you are able to cover the queen adequately, you would get fifty points. The player who pockets the queen has a higher chance to emerge as the winner. Total point carrom is often associated with real money carrom in a variety of online platforms. In short, this mode of gameplay is quite competitive and keeps the players engaged.


Board is a professional model of carrom gameplay. It is mainly prominent in tournaments at the professional level. In this mode, the players get one point by pocketing each carrom man. On the other hand, the player can acquire three points if he/she is able to pocket the queen. Note that there are only eight boards played across tournaments to determine the winner. The maximum number of points a player can earn from the board mode is twenty-five.

Point Carrom

The point carrom has a remarkable resemblance to the total point carrom. But in point carrom, both the black and white carrom man would earn you one point each. And if you are able to cover the queen, you would get the opportunity to earn three points. If you are able to reach twenty-five points first, then you would be the winner. If there is a draw, players have to participate in a tiebreaker. Players would be given two different numbers of disks. It would be best if you made them fall in the net on rebounds only.

Let’s hope that the various modes of carrom gameplay would come in handy to you. But apart from the multiple methods, you should also have a good sense of striking the pieces. The online platform is a competitive one, and you should always be at your best to excel appropriately.