April 13, 2024


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Enhancing Your VoIP Phone With Advanced Features and Integrations

VoIP allows employees to access calls on multiple devices, including mobile phones. This makes them more accessible to customers even when they are out of the office. So what is the definition of VoIP phone? The transmission of voice communication sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet, is accomplished using voice calls over Internet Protocol, often known as IP telephony.

VoIP systems can integrate with CRM and helpdesk software. This provides advantages for both customer service and sales teams.

Voicemail Transcription

Managing customer support is important for any business. Choosing a VoIP solution with features that enhance team collaboration will allow your customer and in-house teams to stay connected.

One such feature is Voicemail Transcription, which automatically transcribes your voice messages into readable text. This means you can quickly scan through your voice messages on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone without listening to the entire message.

Then, when you get back to your desk after a meeting or while you’re out and about, you can easily read through the missives you’ve received. This saves you time and ensures you don’t miss a message, even when you’re away from your office. You can also forward your messages to colleagues to keep everyone in the loop.

Call Recording

Anyone who has called a customer service line knows you’ll likely hear the message, “This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.” VoIP systems enable users to record both inbound and outgoing calls. They can then play back, download, and store the recordings through a web-based admin portal.

This allows businesses to review customer calls and identify the best strategies for improving business processes. For example, if customers aren’t connecting with sales representatives, the call recording can help determine what changes are needed to improve the customer experience.

Other useful features of VoIP systems include music on hold, call queuing, and custom ringback. Music on hold helps keep customers engaged during their wait, while call queues organize incoming calls to reduce customer wait time and connect callers with the right agent quickly.

Call Queues

Call Queues are the answer when you need more than one person on the phone. Instead of a frustrating wait, your team can park the call so anyone with time and availability can pick it up.

Depending on the type of call, your queue can use different call routing patterns to distribute the call among available agents. Round Robin is the most popular choice, where the call is distributed to many agents sequentially. Longest Waiting or Least Talk Time are other options for prioritizing callers based on their wait time.

Customers hate to be kept waiting for a sales or support agent, but with advanced VoIP solutions and call center software, they can avoid the wait by pressing certain keypad options on their interactive voice response. The system will collect their information and notify the next available team member.

Auto Attendants

The auto attendant is a business phone system feature that routes customers to the right department. This saves businesses the time and cost of rerouting calls that are not handled properly or by someone who can’t handle a caller’s question.

Most VoIP providers offer an automated assistant as a part of their bundled monthly phone service, perfect for small or startup businesses. Some even include the auto-attendant as part of a free trial of their business VoIP software.

With this feature, managers can take over a customer conversation and talk directly with the caller to defuse an irate situation or resolve issues quickly. This call center feature is also useful for companies outside the US and with teams in various time zones.

Call Analytics

Call analytics is one of the most valuable features of VoIP systems. It can provide a wealth of data and insights that help you to improve your business and increase customer satisfaction.

Advanced call analytics platforms often use AI to scan call recordings and transcriptions for keywords that identify specific lead information. They can also analyze a large volume of calls and look for patterns or trends that can help to inform future marketing campaigns.

Whether your team keeps customers on hold for too long or most calls are lost to voicemail, call analytics can help you determine and make the necessary improvements. This can save money, improve customer satisfaction, and boost your business performance. This is especially useful for sales-based companies.