June 25, 2024


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FAP Vs FAPTS – Which is the Best Forex Software For You?

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When it comes to choosing a Forex Trading Software which can do the work automatically for you, one of the obvious choices is to go with FAP (short for Forex Auto Pilot) which is a popular trading robot developed by Marcus Leary. This program has provided excellent results for many people. However, it isn’t perfect and there are certain market conditions in which its performance is weaker than normally.

FAPTS (which stands for Forex Auto Pilot Trading Strategy) is a special setup of the FAP software developed by trader Charles Floyd. This is a setup which has helped Charles Floyd maximize his own earnings with Forex AutoPilot and now it’s possible for you to get it as well.

So, you’re faced with a decision: which software should you get, FAP or F.A.P.T.S?

In the standoff of FAP vs. FAPTS, we must .look at 2 things: what we get and how much we pay for it.

With Forex AutoPilot it’s simple: you pay $97 and get the FAP program which trades automatically for you and helps you to earn more money on the Forex market.

With FAPTS the picture is a bit more complicated. The reason is that FAPTS comes as part of being a member in the FAP winner traders club. You can buy three kinds of memberships (all for a one time fee): silver for $199, Gold for $399 and supreme for $599. You get FAPTS with all the memberships but you also get access to the users forum of FAPTS and receive forex updates and news items which can help you make better trading decisions and more money.

If you opt for the Gold or Supreme memberships you also get an additional trading robot which helps you to trade better in certain market conditions and in a different currency pair than the one which FAP specializes in. So, you pay more for FAPTS, but you also get more in the bargain.

If you’re serious about trading the Forex market, I recommend getting the Gold membership of FAP Winner. You don’t need the supreme. I think the gold is worth its price and can provide you with great information on how to make more money on the Forex market.

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