April 20, 2024


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Geospatial Solutions For Businesses

You’ve come to the right place if you need a geospatial solution for your business. CompassData’s experienced geospatial experts deliver high-accuracy product solutions. From ground control point surveys to custom geospatial solutions. Read on to learn more about how CompassData Inc. can help you improve efficiency and profitability.

Providing high-accuracy product solutions

As a provider of photo-identifiable ground control and geospatial data, CompassData has an extensive history of working on complex geospatial projects. Their team of surveyors can reach even the most remote locations to conduct surveys. CompassData surveys first unravel the complex mix of geodetic survey result grids to create the most accurate model possible. The resulting model is complemented by GCPs that confirm accuracy and scale.

CompassData offers photo-ID ground control points and geospatial data sets in various standardized formats. The company has experience surveying imagery collected by satellites and terrestrial mobile mapping platforms. Its archive contains more than 46,000 GCPs, which are used by U.S. government agencies. CompassData uses ISO-certified processes for data collection and quality assurance, ensuring high-accuracy product solutions.

Using new and archive GCPs to create accurate aerial photographs 

Using new and archive ground control points (GCPs) to create accurate aerial photographs is a time-tested approach. GCPs are points on the ground that is easily identifiable, permanent, and flat with good contrast. The points can be reused several times, and the metadata collected with the GCPs should include ground photographs and station diagrams. Accuracy depends on the spatial accuracy of the GCP coordinates, and ideally, they should fall between two and ten centimeters.

Using new and archive GCPs has many advantages, especially during a natural disaster or pandemic. For example, a stay-at-home order can limit surveyor time, reducing field costs. And the GCP archives offer to collect services for new GCPs, ISO-certified delivery, and a variety of pricing models. If you’re looking for an accurate ground control point survey, consider using new and archive GCPs from CompassData.

Experts in the custom geospatial solutions

You’ll want to find a company that specializes in custom geospatial solutions if you’re a business owner in the Geospatial space. CompassData Inc. is the company to turn to when you need custom data for your business. These professionals have a wealth of experience in providing custom geospatial solutions for various businesses. Whether you need data for a land development project, a geospatial program, or a complete mapping solution, we’re here to help.

The company’s leadership team is backed by decades of geodetic and surveying experience. They offer independent validation and verification services for photogrammetric and LiDAR projects, aviation mapping, and UAS services. From aerial to terrestrial geospatial data collection, CompassData’s expert team of sales and business development professionals has helped customers solve problems worldwide.

Provide UAS Mapping and Inspection

CompassData, Inc. is a local WOSB that specializes in aerial and geospatial data collection. Its software, CompassCom, provides flexible solutions for GPS tracking and drone services. In addition, CompassDrone provides complete drone solutions. It was founded in November 2003 by Margaret J. Howard has grown from a small research project to a fully-fledged business.

Provides unparalleled customer support and data integrity

Margaret J. Howard is a co-founder of CompassCom and a director of CompassData, Inc. She has been actively involved in growing the company and has collected ground control points worldwide. She has successfully managed domestic and international field data collection projects with long-standing relationships with clients and business partners. The company has a dedicated staff that provides unparalleled customer support and data integrity.

CompassData has grown into a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals with vast geospatial experience. With an archive of over 50,000 GCPs, they have a wealth of information for aerial mapping projects. They also offer commercial accuracy verification software for aerial imagery. Whether you are a business owner, a drone operator, or a telecommunications company, they can provide the aerial data you need.