February 21, 2024


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How Can Technology Aid and Improve Your Parenting Approaches?

Interruptions in the form of online gameplay, social networking sites, and YouTube viewing can tamper up your planned schedule for the day, as traditional parenting practices are deemed inefficient thanks to advanced technology.

Now that people are greatly affected by a new form of a pandemic, the digitalization outbreak, the rise of excessive technology use among children as young as six years old has become apparent.

According to recent research conducted by NortonLifeLock in the United Kingdom, 60% of 1000 UK children have exceeded their digital display time limits. As a result, parents become anxious and concerned about their child’s education and well-being.

Responsible parents are combining new ways to enhance their parenting methods with technology to address the time kids spend scrolling through social networking sites, playing web-based games, and watching YouTube videos.

Ways Parents Can Interpolate In Modernizing Their Parenting Approaches

With different advanced technologies, parents can apply them in their households, and parents can think of modern solutions that solve current issues. And by solving these problems, they can also try to incorporate the following ways to modernize their parenting approaches. 

Set your children’s daily or weekly timetable using an online calendar

The print family calendar, which is kept in the common space for quick access and review, is one item that holds a parent from overlooking their child’s most anticipated event.

However, because the available space for physical calendars may be inadequate for multiple one-day events, a better option, such as online calendars such as Google Calendar, can help fill the void.

Intelligent parents can use it to refresh their calendar planning online to share it with their household with just a few clicks.

Combine every technological aspect with QR codes

Now that technology allows you to upgrade your parenting methods transferring them from one device to another can be a hassle for you and your family. Establishing a working parenting apps system for five or more devices takes longer because you must sign your account to each device in your household individually.

As a result, many astute parents are looking for a better way to share their upcoming activities and events. QR codes are an effective alternative that they can use. By applying a free best QR code generator with logo software online, they can easily combine every technological aspect of their parenting approaches with QR codes. 

Examine your children’s creative work for possible storage

You can keep a copy of your children’s creative works as a proud parent. To do so, download a digital scanner app to your phone and take a picture, which you can save and keep for a long time by posting to a cloud service.

You can always convert an image into a QR code and make it a weekly habit if you want to display one of your children’s works in the household. You can always use an image QR code and have your family scan and view the showcased works of other relatives to accomplish this.

Make a digital incentive system for your kids

Because most parents want their children to know how to work hard for the things they want, setting up a rewards and recognition system can help parents keep track of their children’s ability to complete chores, homework, and other responsibilities on time.

Because traditional panel and indicator reward writing systems can be purged or interfered with by your children, using digital reward system apps is a better option.

You can always check if your children have completed the task you assigned them and setpoints for the incentive each child requests using digital rewards system apps.

Make a nighttime routine checklist for your family on the internet

For convenient task tracking and annotating, create an online checklist for your children to help them have a prudent night schedule. Your children can check off items on the list and notify you when they are finished with the task. Parents can use a QR code generator online to generate a QR code where their children can quickly scan and view their assigned tasks.


Parenting is a difficult job for most parents, whether they admit it or not. Technological interruptions keep them from finding better parenting results as they explore established and novel ways to guide and support their children to become reasonable and responsible individuals in the coming years.

Today, parents elevate their parenting methods with technology as the future of parenthood is teamed up with it, making every occasion count with several taps from their devices.