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How to choose a logo color?

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A logo is very important when starting a business, but even experienced companies sometimes need to rebrand themselves to attract a new audience and breathe new life into an old business. What can help in such a case? Of course, giving the logo new colors and bright combinations. Color plays a huge role in the logo, and experienced entrepreneurs know that this component should be given maximum attention.

Today, together with the representatives of the logo generator Turbologo learn how to choose the right color for the logo, what colors are recommended for this or that business and much more.

What is a logo

A logo is an essential component of every company and business. It is that element which can be safely called a key and extremely important. It both attracts and repels potential customers. That is why it is important to devote most of the time to the development of this element.

Well, if you do not have enough of it, you can always use the logo generator Turbologo. That way you will definitely get a high-quality and quite fresh logo that will be of interest to consumers. But even in this case, you should not forget about the importance of color.

Meanings of colors

Colors stimulate certain emotions and associations in people. That’s why colors have a huge impact and importance in creating a quality logo. Let’s analyze what psychological component each of the colors used in the brand/company logo carries:

For example, white is used in most Western countries to denote purity and innocence. However, in many Eastern countries, it is considered a symbol of mourning.

Another example is yellow. It is often used in the U.S. as an arousal of friendly, warm and attractive emotions. But in Latin America it is considered the color of death, sadness and mourning.

Green, which in the States is seen as a color closely related to nature, in China is associated with infidelity. Thus, a company that uses green in its logo may want to change the color somewhat when entering Chinese markets. Particularly if the organization wants to promote information about reliability and trust.

In Japan, black is considered modern, elegant, impressive and forward-looking. When importing popular black cars from Japan to India, it has been noticed that sales have dropped dramatically. Studies of consumers showed that they did not respond as well to the product, mainly because black is considered a symbol of death in India.

Knowing how colors are perceived in different cultures is important. Especially if you want to appeal to a wide variety of people and professions. The psychology of color can contribute to the success of a venture or affect it in a negative way.

The international perception of colors only sometimes requires you to change your logo when expanding into other countries. But the above-mentioned examples show why it is not a bad idea to have other color options that go well with your standard colors.

It’s also important to get the confidence that your logo will look great in black and white.

Although perceptions of colors and their hues vary, enough research has been done to give us some generalized parameters for design work.

How to choose a logo color

Are there certain rules and components that let you know that the resulting logo is good? Of course.

  • For a logo to be easy to remember, it should be concise. A simple symbol can be easily recognized from a considerable distance. It can be spotted when passing by at a high speed. To create an uncomplicated trademark for a brand, you need to use a minimum of complex elements.
  • The logo should look unique. The outline of the symbol should not resemble other trademarks, otherwise the buyer will not remember it. To properly create a logo, you need to study the emblems of other companies, especially competitors.
  • In order that the logo can be used in a few decades, it should not have elements that reflect a particular time period. For example, details of clothing or car models. The logo should not be altered in an attempt to make it modern. The longevity of the logo is a sign of stability and success of the company.
  • It is necessary to create a logo that will look harmoniously on different kinds of souvenirs, clothing and other small things. It should look great in enlarged / reduced form, as well as in black and white.
  • Different symbols are associated by people with certain qualities. You can use them to communicate your goals to potential customers. Horizontal lines in the emblem will symbolize peace and tranquility, vertical lines – strength and endurance. The square is associated with strength and constancy, the triangle with knowledge and the curved lines with adaptability. The round logo symbolizes understanding and unity, the ring symbolizes strength and determination.


Color in the logo – an undeniably important and necessary element, which is definitely worth quite a lot of attention. How harmoniously and perfectly matched your color can affect how customers will perceive you and your business. And, if you work well, then sales will not be long to wait, and the customer base will expand, even without your involvement, just because of the attractive logo and its colors.

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