March 4, 2024


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How to grow your business with Montreal SEO

The best way to get more traffic to your website is by SEO optimization. There exists over 1.8 billion websites currently on the web. We usually are relying on search engines to find what we want and these search engines are made nowadays to be so great that 9 out of 10 people are using it to find everyday things they need. Many great search engines exist nowadays, but about 85% of people worldwide use Google.


When you search something with Google, you get back a results page with a lot of stuff on it. At the top, you will find how many websites are probably relevant to what you are looking for. Underneath that, you will see advertising pages. And the next is actual results list and you should focus on that. The important part is that over 95% of people that use Google only click results on the first page. To learn how to grow your business with Montreal SEO is not hard, but there are updates every year you need to follow up.

If they don’t find what they are looking for, people just don’t look on the second page, instead they just adjust their search terms. About 65% of people click only on first 3 websites on the first page. That is why using SEO for your website is so important.

Image optimization

Most people like to talk about keywords and using a lot of video/audio stuff on the website, but what is behind the video or image is important because search engines do not look at it the same way as we do. When we say “what is behind” we mean the link that every image on every website has. That is called image optimization.

You need to help search engines to see images by naming them correctly. When you are writing your alt text, in general there are 125 characters max. Thing that happens a lot is that people forget the file name. A lot of people are uploading a file name that is called, for example, lady-shoes-6.jpeg, you need to be much more descriptive.

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So for the main point is to be as much as detailed as you can in few words. Whenever you have spaces in your file names, you want to use hyphens, not underscores.

Focus on social media accounts

This may sound offtopic but search engine optimization is becoming more connected to social media. You need to be daily active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and when you post, use links in the description to attract the audience to your website. These links will be recognized by Google because every social media application has its own website, so basically you have backlinks to your websites on your social media accounts. This goes both ways, from the website to social media and from social media to your website.

Optimize your website speed

Very important thing is the speed of your website. One of the tips you can use is to optimize the speed using cache plugins. If you are using WordPress, using plugins is absolutely easy to set up. You need to use CDN’s and fast servers. The CDN stands for the content distribution network. For example, when you have pictures on your website, they are usually loaded from your hosting, so what you can do is you can actually have your pictures load from a different hosting, a fast server.

CDN is a type of server where you have multiple servers around the world. So for example, if someone from Russia wants to download the image from your website, they don’t need to download from US server. Spending less time downloading, or if your website offers to upload, this means your website is quicker and ranking will be better. Read more on this page.

Something that is getting big is optimizing your mobile site speed. Google has its updates on this topic. So basically, now mobile sites have the same importance as PC sites. Make sure your mobile sites speed is fast. You can do this again with cache plugins, CDN’s. More people are doing everything on their phones and Google recognizes the speed of your website.