April 14, 2024


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How To Make A Successful eBook Reader App

Mobile reading services are growing in popularity presenting a handy way for the audience to find and enjoy exciting literature. Though the creation of such online systems is quite a challenging process, our mission is to simplify it for you distinguishing the most essential points to look out. However, we shall begin from the basics.

What an eBook Reader app means

The solutions we’re talking about represent particular mobile platforms meant for making reading convenient, pleasant, and accessible anywhere and anytime. It turns possible owing to the benefits of today’s advanced e-reading software, namely:

  • It’s useable. People no longer need to carry big heavy books if they like reading on the go. By simply downloading and installing mobile apps for reading – which are free of charge, by the by – users can read whenever they get few free minutes.
  • Having your own library in your smartphone. Those systems open access to numerous electronic books and individuals can enjoy them on your smartphone.
  • It’s customizable. Once paper books get published, they stay that way forever which is pretty clear. Mobile reading programs, in turn, enable us to adjust different parameters, say, backgrounds or fonts, allowing the audience to customize online literary works.
  • Being able to choose. As a rule, resources in question provide customers with a thoroughly selected large library of writings (cost-free and paid) for all tastes.
  • Offering one-of-a-kind functionality. Today’s apps for reading books grant truly impressive possibilities which we’ll discuss in a due course of the article.

Speaking of parties who would be interested in developing online reading services, we could distinguish the owners of e-book stores since a mobile application can serve as one more source of profit, attracting more clients to the shop itself. Moreover, stand-alone startups might also decide to create eBook reading apps, establishing a win-to-win collaboration with some eBook sellers. Also, intermediaries who bring together authors and readers could build such solutions as well.

Critical points to consider during the development process

While making an eBook reader platform, there are certain nuances you can’t ignore to ensure your software prosperity. We’d draw your attention to the following aspects:

  • Color scheme. It wouldn’t be wise to go for black & white colors. Such a sharp contrast will tire the readers’ eyes.
  • Fast functioning. A system must be quick to operate. You risk losing your people if the following page is loading pretty slow. Users aren’t always patient.
  • Rich libraries. Clearly, your audience will have the possibility to upload e-books by themselves. However, they’ll appreciate a chance to take advantage of the library as well.
  • Excellent customization. Individuals who can customize an online program at their discretion will have fewer reasons to abandon it.

The success of any reading service is defined by the functions it delivers, so let’s review the subject in detail.

Essential features for a perfect eBook reader solution

We shall explore what parameters are vital for customers to enjoy your resource.

# The profile

What else should we start with? A person needs to create an individual account and set up the application to his/her liking. In case people are asked to make brief remarks on their preferences and interests, app owners will obtain the necessary details to personalize the system to the maximum.

# eBook shop

If owning an eBook store, online reading software represents another tool to boost your sales. Otherwise, you could consider cooperating with an existing book shop to make sure your users can take advantage of a great selection of literature.

# No charge library

A decent reader platform must include a library offering free-of-charge books (obviously, paid ones could also be there). These days users hope to access free writings, thus, when providing only paid literature you risk to ruin their expectations. Of course, every app owner is looking for extra revenue sources, however, it’s important not to get too greedy.

You’ll design an even more user-friendly program if a free book section will be separated from the paid literature.

# Possibility to download & upload writings

The stated two functionalities are crucial. First of all, individuals will enjoy the chance to upload a piece of literature to the online service. Second of all, the possibility to download it to the smartphone will be significantly appreciated as well.

Have you been thinking to build a website together with an app? The thing is that web interfaces can definitely simplify uploading and downloading, thus, you might consider those opportunities once again.

# Library for users

What we mean is the ability of individuals to save the writings they like in their libraries. Such a feature will ensure easy access to the books saved. Failing this, persons will be forced to look for their favorite literature every time they decide to read it, which is pretty inconvenient.

# Being appropriate for eBooks of diverse formats

It’s highly advisable not to ignore the given parameter. Ideally, the solution shall support as many varying formats of online books as possible. Thus, consider such options, as epub, fb2, Mobi, pdf, RTF, HTML, txt, and others. Obviously, the audience can always apply for numerous converting resources, however, the task of app owners is to keep everything very simple preventing clients from taking any additional steps.

# Configuration

While discussing what critical points have to be taken into account during reader platform development, we’ve underlined the importance of great customization. In this regard, the following possibilities shall be provided:

  • an option to adjust colors, letter sizes, fonts;
  • opportunity to change the background;
  • access to adjust brightness.

Such adjustments would allow a person to set up the preferable format to enjoy the reading.

# Sophisticated search engine

You won’t succeed in building perfect mobile reading software by solely providing access to free libraries and eBook shops. Advanced searching instruments must be installed allowing people to find books they need.

Filtering options shall turn as a great bonus, thus, customers will be able to locate books by authors’ names, titles, etc.

# Various text highlighters

By trying to make your system user-oriented and intuitive, consider the implementation of the following:

  • Bookmarks. Not every book could be finished at one bout, thus, bookmarks can be pretty valuable.
  • Text highlighters. What a great tool to emphasize something important in the book! Students will for sure appreciate it.
  • Notes. The feature is actually useful, so it could be an excellent advantage of your program.

# Social networking integration

It’s not a surprise that integrating social media is worthy. It serves multiple purposes. Firstly, the audience can get registered in the application easily and quickly. Secondly, users will manage to exchange books and news with someone they know.

# Notifications

This option serves for app owners to get closer to their people notifying them about everything important and interesting, say, the latest software updates, new books available, fresh backgrounds to apply, and the like.

# Diverse OS support

That would be one more critical feature to consider. When striving to attract new customers, you have to make sure you’ll manage to provide them with whatever they’re used to, no matter if it’s about Android or iOS devices. By the by, developing a web version will bring you even more clients.

Summing up, here are a few more tips for you to succeed with your eBook reader platform:

  • add some gamification components;
  • keep it as personalized as possible;
  • provide the offline mode;
  • ensure outstanding design.

To stay up to date and reflect advanced trends your program shall constantly get upgrades to meet the audience’s expectations.