June 24, 2024


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How To Plant Grass Seeds On Your Roof

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A green roof is a trend to some European houses.  A green and live roof is something out of the ordinary and would definitely attract attention.  It is a great sight indeed but the question is how to plant grass seeds on your roof to make it green and lively?

How to plant grass seeds on your roof:  To do

Learning on your own how to plant grass seeds on your roof is a challenge so here are steps to take to lighten up the load:

Prior to planting grass on your rooftop, consult with the local government if there is a need to obtain construction permit.  Ask for the things required in construction of a vegetated roof.

Grab your tape measure and start measuring the entire area of your roof.  This is to determine how much seeds you will need for it to be enough to cover your roof.  This is also to for the underlayment system that needs to be installed beneath the grass.

Obtain the right seeds you want from you dealer.  Make sure that you checked the type of grass you want on your roof.  Buy an underlayment system from a trusted dealer or supplier.  This system will prevent moisture from penetrating onto your roof and ruin it.

Prepare the soil for your seeds.  Place at least 1 inch of it or a compost soil on top of the underlayment system.  Level it well and make it smooth using tools like rake.  It is optional for you to place an inch of gravel on top of the soil for drainage.  Above it put down an inch or so of potting soil.

Plant your seeds gently into the soil.  Evenly sow them onto the soil on your roof.  You don’t need to be particular with the distance when planting grass but for aesthetic value, you can dig little holes on the soil and place a couple of the seeds evenly across the roof.  Get into every nook and cranny to cover every inch of the roof.

Water the seeds after covering it with another layer of soil.  You can add any fertilizing agent to rush its growth but this isn’t the case all the time. Remember that the roof is angled to a certain position.  Putting too much water on it might erode the soil and ruin your entire set up.

Water the soil at least once a week depending on the season you are in.  It would be best to do this during the dry seasons.

A proper maintenance schedule with a good lawn mower is also important. You can use a self propelled lawn mower to do this task, but please choose which one has a compact design.Click here to find a suitable self-propelled lawn mower for yourself.

How to plant grass seeds on your roof:  Going green

Searching for ways on how to plant grass seeds on your roof will be a rewarding moment once you have your roof turned green.  Who knows, you will be setting a trend in your area and your house will be the ideal example of it all.  Going green is something that people should be keeping an eye on to.  The rampant pollution of our environment has caused so much damage to our atmosphere and this can be one step for you to create awareness to going green worldwide.