July 17, 2024


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How to Protect Pipes and Prevent Theft on an Abandon Property

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Rural areas are great places to run pipes if the conditions are ideal. However, because rural locations have tall trees and no street lights, the process of protecting expensive pipes, generators and power tools at the end of each work day can be tough. If a neighborhood has shady characters, all industrial items on an abandon property will be at risk. Although monitoring supplies can be complicated, there are ways to protect every industrial product without dealing with theft.

Install a Fence

An electronic fence is a quick solution that can help deter crime in a rural construction zone. Because you’ll only need to run a wire around the property, the installation process isn’t time consuming.

Electronic fence wires run low to the ground, so they won’t keep all intruders off a landscape. However, if you stack several lines over one another, they’ll make the process of hauling or toting large items off the property very challenging.

If you’re going to use an electronic fence, post a sign on the property somewhere where people can see it. This strategy will help you avoid lawsuits as the message will provide a warning. Without a warning, someone could experience a shock while accidentally wandering on the property.

Use Motion Sensors

Motion sensors with solar technology will keep people away from your pipes throughout the night. During the day, the solar panels that power the motion sensors will harvest energy from the sun. Then, at night, the solar cells will activate bright lights whenever sensors detect motion in the surroundings. If you mount many of these lights in strategic spots, intruders won’t be able to grab everything in the dark.

Besides these solutions, you can also use an alarm system to protect rubber lined pipes and other supplies on an abandon property. If you use mobile alarm system equipment, fencing, and motion sensors, intruders won’t have easy opportunities to grab and haul industrial supplies off a property.