September 26, 2023


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Here’s everything that’s new with the iPhone 14 Pro series that makes it the ‘best iPhone, yet’ (3) (1) (1)

iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max battery capacities revealed in a leaked regulatory filing- Technology News, Firstpost

As much as Apple likes to notify us that their items these kinds of as the not long ago introduced Iphone 14 series are noticeably far better than the level of competition, rarely does the Cupertino-dependent tech giant makes use of genuine figures to back their claims. 

Here’s everything that’s new with the iPhone 14 Pro series that makes it the ‘best iPhone, yet’ (3) (1) (1)

Instead, most of the comparisons that Apple attracts are fairly obscure and converse in conditions of percentage, with no mentioning what the baseline metric is. 

This has been the circumstance with Apple’s batteries as well, mostly, mainly because historically they have experienced batteries with some of the smallest capacities in a smartphone. This definitely wouldn’t appear superior on paper when a possible consumer compares specifications, and so, Apple by no means truly talks about the capacities of the battery that they use in the iPhones. 

As an alternative, they will simply make promises declaring Iphone 14 As well as has the greatest battery lifetime ever in an Apple iphone. Not accurately a large bar to clear.

By way of a Chinese regulatory database, the battery capacities of each and every of the iPhones in the Iphone 14 series have been built public online. This listing was found out by MacRumors.

The Iphone 14 has a potential of 3,279 mAh, whereas the Apple iphone 14 Moreover, has a capacity of 4,325 mAh. Surprisingly, the Professional sequence will get batteries with marginally scaled-down capacities, when compared to the non-Pro Iphone 14s.

The Apple iphone 14 Pro, for instance, has a capability of 3,200mAh, whereas the Apple iphone 14 Professional Max tops out at 4,323 mAh. 

When as opposed to the Iphone 13 series, the Apple iphone 14 series appears to have obtained marginally greater batteries. The Apple iphone 13 has a capability of 3,227 as opposed to the Apple iphone 14’s 3,279 mAh one particular. The Apple iphone 13 Professional will get a 3,095 mAh battery as opposed to the Iphone 14 Pro’s battery with 3,200 mAh capability.

Remarkably, the Iphone 14 Professional Max gets a downgrade in phrases of battery ability, when compared to the Iphone 13 Pro Max. The outgoing Apple iphone 13 Professional Max gets a 4,352 mAh battery whereas Apple iphone 14 Pro Max receives one particular with 4,323 mAh.