April 13, 2024


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Various Kinds of Communication Technology Devices – While developments are starting to develop rapidly and are striking in this modern era.

Especially in the field of technology. Such as information technology and communication technology, one of which is the iPhone 12 offers which are currently trending.

Various kinds of technology began to develop more sophisticated and fast, to make it easier for humans to live their lives.

Information technology devices are all types of equipment used to obtain the important information we need.

Either through print media or electronic media. Communication at this time is very important for all people in this world.

In ancient times, ancient people communicated through graffiti or paintings in the cave.

Broadly speaking, technology is divided into two. Namely communication technology and information technology, both are slightly different but are broadly the same.

Therefore, we will discuss the various kinds of communication technology devices in the world. Continue to follow the information at teknologiterbaru.net


Computers are devices in the form of hardware and software. Which is used to assist in processing data into information.

And save it for computer production in the form of text, images, sound, video, and animation.


Notebooks are devices that function the same as computers. But the shape is practical and can be folded and easy to under because it uses electricity. Notebooks or laptops come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

This device has the same function as a computer. What distinguishes it is only from practical manufacture so that it can be folded and easy to carry anywhere.

The difference with the Netbook is: The size is reduced to a kind of Notebook and different sizes.

Some features are removed to reduce the size and lower the price of a netbook itself.


Television is an information technology device similar to a broadcasting system accompanied by images (visual) and sound (audio).

Therefore, this device is used to convey information in the form of moving images or videos directly.


Radio is a technological device used for signal transmission. This electronic device has a function to convey information such as sound from a transmitting station through a predetermined frequency.

RaThe radio electromagnetic waves transmit sound through the air.

MP3 Player

MP3 Player is a device that can store data and can be used to play music and even listen to the radio.


Newspapers are printed media that are used to convey information in the form of text and images that are published every day. Which contains the latest news on a variety of topics.

Video player

Video Player is a term commonly used to describe computer software so that it can play video film.

Digital camera

This digital camera is a technology commonly used to capture images and even videos. By using a digital storage method or can use a disk.


CAA calculators a tool used to add or calculate numbers in various units, tens or even thousands and millions.

Telephone / Mobile

Mobile or commonly called cell phone or what is often known as iPhone.


Facsimile is a means of sending documents or images from one place to another using a telephone line.

Transmission can be done if the sender of the receiving fan activates this machine.


Telegraph is a machine which is a device that uses telegraphic technology to send and receive messages remotely.

Email / Messenger

Email is a letter via electronic media. Email stands for Electronic Mail.

Via email, we can send electronic mail either in the form of pictures. Sent from one email address to another on the internet.