July 12, 2024


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Is Backup Really the Best Current Answer for Ransomware Recovery?

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Ransomware is actually fascinating if it wasn’t so nefarious. Ransomware is a manifestation of hacking that results in system files being stolen or blocked off. The originator will then request a ransom payment for the release of the contents. Most ransomware recovery processes seek to protect the information from further attacks, but it does not help in the present when the attack occurs.

The most logical resolution to the issue of ransomware is backup. Many are storing information on the cloud to backup the contents of their computer. Others use an external hard drive that is essentially a copy of the main computer hard drive. This is a logical course of action for ransomware, but also for good old-fashioned corruption and hard drive failure.

Is a Second Backup Enough?

If the common counter to the issue of ransomware is backup, how would a second backup come into play? A second backup is for those who want to go above and beyond. It is highly suggested to have a backup (a second, third, one-hundredth) that remains largely untouched. It can be plugged in periodically for system updates, but it should remain out of sight and out of mind unless it is needed.

The Problem with Backup

There is a fundamental flaw with the strategy of having a backup. Even three various backup sources would not resolve this glaring error. The fact is that the hackers still have the content available to them to some degree. It is true that ransomware attacks do not necessarily constitute theft of any content. In other words, the hacker only blocks access without necessarily seeing the program files directly. But, it won’t take long for that to manifest. Some attacks do allow access to the system files, which would make backup a strategy somewhat like storing water in a cup with a hole instead of in one’s hands. It’s still going to leak.

Backup is not the only answer because it can’t account for current changes in ransomware. But, it is a step in the right direction. Stay connected to reputable sources for more on this tough area of security protection.

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