June 24, 2024


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Motorcycle Builder Makes Downhill Mountain Bike

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[Allen Millyard] is a leading British bike builder. In these circles he is widely regarded and his custom motorcycles are almost environment-well-known. But when his son took up downhill mountain biking, he resolved to set his competencies creating a different type of automobile. This is the Millyard MR001, 1 of the most special mountain bikes at any time constructed thanks to some style and design decisions that remedy many challenges usually inherent in bicycles.

Probably the most instantly striking design of this bicycle is the aluminum space frame, a lightweight but incredibly sturdy frame required for the significant speeds and stresses of downhill mountain biking. Upon closer inspection, nevertheless, the sealed drivetrain warrants even more inspection. Contrary to most mountain bikes with gears, this one particular eradicates the typical derailleur which hangs beneath the rear gears. The gears are in its place earlier mentioned the pedals in front of the rear tire, are wholly sealed getting rid of the maintenance prerequisites of a typical bike, and are created in these a way that they can be shifted with out the bicycle going.

In spite of the bike staying crafted in 2007, it nonetheless contains loads of functions that even now are not commonly adopted in mountain biking. It is also just about absolutely silent many thanks to the custom made drivetrain, and [Allen] experiences that it nevertheless sneaks up on other mountain bikers as a result. This is essentially the reverse issue of another bike we have noticed about.


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