March 4, 2024


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Seeing If Cheating At Chess The Hard Way Is Even Possible

With all the salacious tales about a dishonest scandal rocking the globe of championship-amount chess, you’d believe that we’d have delved into the tale at least a little bit in this article on Hackaday, in particular provided the story’s complex angle. But we haven’t, and it’s not for the reason that we’re squeamish about the details of the alleged cheat rather, it’s for the reason that it’s just as well quick to pun your way as a result of a tale like this. The lowest-hanging fruit is not often the sweetest.

But, we’ll give it a go, and engage in this a person fully straight as we look at an experiment to determine if it is even attainable to cheat in the distinct way that has been alleged. For the uninitiated, 19-year-aged grandmaster [Hans Niemann] stands accused of dishonest, feasible by means of the use of a distant-managed sexual intercourse toy secreted in his rectum. The thought would be for an accomplice to use the toy, which has a vibrating motor that is controlled by an app either via Bluetooth or WiFi, to deliver instructed moves to [Niemann] based mostly on a chess-playing AI’s investigation of the sport.

Regardless of whether [Niemann] cheated or not is not the worry in this article, but relatively [Captain Steel]’s experiment is just a first-pass seem at whether it would be possible to cheat applying the proposed technologies — and most importantly, not get caught. He attempted to replicate the scanning routine [Niemann] is now topic to at tournaments based on the allegations to see if a stand-in for the sex toy — a haptic motor attached to an ESP32 — would be detectable by way of numerous thicknesses of flesh. Relatively than demonstrating the identical perseverance to craft that [Niemann] is alleged to have shown, [Captain Steel] used slices of baloney as a stand-in for human flesh. He then tried using scanning for RF emissions from the unit by expanding layers of luncheon meat. We will not spoil the success, other than to say that baloney turns out to essentially be very good for anything.

We’ve lined an additional considerably less-invasive system of cheating just before, which specified the results earlier mentioned is most likely a lot more likely to be found.