April 13, 2024


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Shopify Case Study

Shopify Case Study

Implementation of the online store is a process that takes many steps. To create a highly functioning solution many teams have to come together in order to work out the most satisfactory outcome.

Developers, graphic and UX designers, marketers, SEO specialists – all of them need to show their special skills and contribute to the project in a meaningful way. The results of their collaboration can be shown by a bunch of case studies. Take a look at the success stories of the Brand Active agency to see the examples of an online store implementation with Shopify that serve customers: https://brandactive.co/case-study/.

BÉBÉ Concept online store

Sometimes an online store needs to change the environment in order to grow. Such was the case with BÉBÉ Concept – a parenting brand that produces goods for both women and children. The company decided to change the platform on which it operates from Shoplo to Shopify Plus in order to gain more functionalities and better design of the store.

Brand Active – an eCommerce agency that was responsible for Shopify Plus implementation – began the work with a careful analysis of the needs of the client. Then the whole structure of the shop was built and all the products were implemented with the help of PIM Akeneo. The agency continues to provide ongoing support to make sure that the Shopify Plus solution functions properly.

Viola Hair Extensions eCommerce store

Another brand that took advantage of the skills of Brand Active agency is Viola Hair Extensions. As the leading brand in the hair and beauty industry, Viola needed the online store that would match its style and philosophy.

The company wanted to transfer its Internet shop from Woocommerce to Shopify platform. This gave birth to the completely new website that was suited to the brand character in the best possible way. For example, an innovative UX architecture brought an excellent customer experience. Viola Hair Extensions was also served with wide-ranging marketing activities. They included advertising both with Google Ads as well as Facebook Ads.

Bizuu first eCommerce store

Yet another company that collaborated with Brand Active in order to get a smoothly functioning online store was Bizuu. The process of implementing an online store for this high-end fashion brand was described in a detailed way in a special ebook edited by the members of Brand Active team: https://brandactive.co/.

Activities undertaken by the agency included, among others, frontend development, data migration and implementation of PIM. The project resulted in a customer-friendly store that boosted Bizuu’s conversion rate, online sales and overall revenue.