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What is the Basic Process of 3D Printing? Additive manufacturing or AM or commonly known as 3D printing, points out to the processes to synthesize a three dimensioned object with successive layers that end up an object with the control of a computer. Considered as the signal of the third industrial revolution, 3d printing succeeded the production line assembly in the manufacturing industry. For easy understanding, 3d or additive manufacturing, is the process of producing a three dimensional solid objects with the aid of a digital file. With the use of additive process, wherein several layers of material are laid down until a 3D printed object is created. Imagine these layers as thinly sliced horizontal cross section of the object planned. You can start the process by making a virtual design of the object that you have in mind to create. An example of a virtual design is a CAD or computer aided design file using a 3D scanner that makes a 3D digital copy of the object in mind. Know that 3D scanners have different technologies in order t generate a 3D model like volumetric scanning, structured or modulated light and others. Some companies today are enabling their hardware to conduct 3D scanning. It is envisioned that future models of smart phones could have integrated 3D scanners. Nowadays, there are expensive professional 3D scanners to cheap DIY scanners that anybody can perform at home.
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There are various forms of 3D modelling software. For example is the industrial grade software that costs thousands per year for its license alone. There is also a free open source software that comes with a beginner tutorial video.
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If you want to get started with 3D printing, it is suggested that you ask yourself what you like to learn first, is it the hardware or you want to concentrate on creating objects. A 3D printer for beginners are being created to assist buyers in deciding should they choose a pre-assembled 3D printer or a 3D printer kit. If you have limited budget but wants to learn 3D printing, you can start with a cheap 3D printer kit to start with. 3D printers do not necessarily use the same technology. Considered as the most common technologies are the selective laser sintering or SLS and the fused deposition modelling or FDM. Another common technology is the stereolithography or SLA. Rapid prototyping, architectural scale models, healthcare and entertainment are some areas where 3D applications can be further used. It is said that 3D printing also would cover reconstructing fossils in paleontology, replicating artifacts in archaeology, reconstructing bones and other body parts in forensic pathology, and reconstructing heavily damaged evidence in crime scene investigations.