September 24, 2023


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The Commodordion Turns Two C64s Into A Single Instrument

The Commodordion Turns Two C64s Into A Single Instrument

1 of the primary explanations the Commodore 64 turned an icon of the 1980s was its MOS 6581 “SID” seem chip that gave it audio abilities effectively past those people of other microcomputers of the 8-bit era. The SID turned anything of a legend by itself among chiptune fans, and a number of electronic devices have been designed that make their seem through a SID chip. Not quite a few of people glance just about anything like standard musical devices nevertheless, so we’re delighted to see [Linus Åkesson]’s new undertaking: two Commodore 64s joined again-to-back again working with a bellows to form a amazing new instrument referred to as the Commodordion. It can be played in a very similar way a person plays a standard accordion: melodies are performed with the correct hand, chords with the left, and volume is altered by various the stress in the bellows.

An accordion-like instrument made from two Commodore 64sThe two personal computers are mainly unmodified, and boot Commodore Basic like they generally would. A tailor made circuit board emulates a cassette player and presents the program to be loaded into memory. Equally pcs operate the same software and can be switched concerning the appropriate-hand and still left-hand role by pressing a precise essential combination. The software in issue is named Qwertuoso, and basically maps notes and different functions of the SID chip to keys on the Commodore’s keyboard.

Of class, it is the bellows that helps make this instrument a accurate member of the accordion loved ones. Built from 5.25″ floppy disks and sticky tape, it sorts a extra-or-fewer air-limited method linking the two pcs. The airflow in the bellows is calculated via a microphone put next to the air consumption: the amount of sound generated is approximately proportional to the amount of money of air staying expelled or inhaled. This details is then utilised to modulate the quantity produced by the two SID chips.

By [Linus]’s have admission it is not the most ergonomic of devices, so we’re doubly amazed by the amount of ability he demonstrates even though taking part in it in the video clip embedded underneath. It’s not the first time both that he has turned a Commodore 64 into a musical instrument: he formerly created a church organ and a theremin. When the Commodordion may glance complex, it’s essentially a great deal less difficult in development than a mechanical accordion. at?v=EBCYvoC4muc