June 13, 2024


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The Importance Of Regular Web Design Updating

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Web design by definition is setting the look of your web page. However, web design is much more than just this.

Web design by definition is the process of creating web sites. See a more complex definition here. This means that a web designer is a person who will build a site that will be the best version of the image your company, organization, person, or etc is trying to represent. The way people see your main page – that’s the image of your company.

Think about how the modern world lives today. Everyone’s online. Everybody has the internet on their smartphones and every information is available in just one click. If you own a company and you have no website, you basically don’t exist. If you own one, but it is slow, looking poor, and outdated, that’s how people will see your business. A bad image is turning customers away.

Even if you don’t own a business, you still need a perfect internet look. All institutions dating centuries ago are having state of the art websites because they know that adjusting to the modern world is a must. Churches too. Today’s believer is living online and they need information from the church websites to be fast and reliable.

There are basically three reasons why every website must be updated regularly. Maintain speed, update visual appeal, and keep up with the technology.

Maintaining the speed of the webpage

It is proven that the first thing the people will notice when they visit a page is the website’s speed. If the page loads too slow, the chances are big they won’t return again there. Today’s young generations tends to be impatient and they don’t like spending time waiting. That’s why you need to have fast loading website.

This is actually very normal. This is a time when seconds matter. Everything is happening so fast that people don’t have time to waste on waiting for a slow page to load. While they wait for yours, they’ll simply go to the competition’s fast website while yours is still turning that circle notifying that it’s working.

But why is it getting slower?

A website can become slower because of many reasons. Even if everything else is excluded, the fact that you insert information on it, upload pages, and generate traffic is enough to slow it down after a while. As technology moves forward, web designers will find better solutions to improve the quality and overall speed.

Sure, if you don’t upload anything and have 2-3 visitors a day, you won’t have a problem, but if the situation was like this, you also wouldn’t be here, would you?

Update the visual appeal

Even if you’re running a tourist castle monument online, you need a constant change of the appeal. No one likes monotony and also, it’s very important to keep up with the trends, no matter the business you’re running.

For example, the latest trends today suggest you make a page that is rich with strong colors. A playful homepage with a combination of yellows, purples, greens, and colors that will capture the visitor’s attention. Some might like it, some might not, but the fact is that this is trending right now. Take a look at this link to see some of the web designs that are popular at the moment: https://webflow.com/blog/20-web-design-trends-for-2019

There’s another thing that’s also important regarding the appeal – the simplicity. The minimalism is trending in the last decade in every segment of society. Starting from architecture to decorating interiors of the homes. Minimalism is an absolute win.

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you run, make sure you don’t bombard your visitors with too much information on the front page. Make a good menu, a clean homepage and direct the visitors to where you want them to go. If you’re selling – point that selling place clearly. If you need them to read your thoughts – highlight the place they need to click or scroll. The first look of the site is very important and if you think that people will get pass a lousy design just to see your message or your products, be sure that you’re the one that’s going to lose.

Keep up with the technology

Technology is driving so fast. Every day is going even faster. Can you remember how websites used to look like on your mobile device not more than 5-6 years ago? The responsive design is around not more than 10 years and only in the last few years, it’s almost mandatory for every page to have its responsive design that will fit perfectly on smartphones and tablets.

Think about payment by smartphone. It was just a crazy futuristic movie in conversations 15-20 years ago and today it is a reality happening everywhere around us. Who knows what will happen next and where the road of the internet will lead us. Where ever it is, you must keep up with it and be a part of the lead generation. A new and updated web design will help you win more visitors and gain profit.

Web designers are people who dictate the trends on the internet or follow the ones who are more influential. Either way, these people are the ones that you need if you like to have your page be on top of the game.