April 13, 2024


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The Most Common Domain Name FAQs

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Domain Name is the unique identifier associated with your website. It aligns with your brand identity and helps users recognize your brand. Multiple factors are associated with a single domain name, including the top-level domain (TLD), second-level domain, subdomain, etc.

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But before you start looking out for the NZ domain name, take a look at the commonly asked user questions related to domain names.

Let’s know more.

The Most Asked Questions Related to Domain Names

The following are the most common questions asked by domain users.

  1. What are Domain Names and DNS?

Domain names are the names we use to refer to websites. Each website has a unique IP address, a string of numbers that computers understand.

The domain name system (DNS) consists of servers that host websites and facilitate communication between computers on the internet. There are 350.5 million registered domain names.

  1. What are Domain Registrants, Registrars, and Registries?

A domain registrant is the person or entity registering a domain name.

Domain Registrars NZ are accredited organizations responsible for processing domain name registrations.

And domain registries store information about domain names and handle the general administration of top-level domains, ensuring each domain is unique and properly managed.

  1. Who Manages Domain Names?

NZ Domain names are usually managed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)., It is a non-profit organization that manages DNS, IP address allocation, related databases, and domain names.

  1. What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a protocol that allows querying information about a domain holder, including registration and expiration dates, availability, etc.

  1. What Should I Consider Before Registering a Domain Name?

Before registering a domain name, it’s essential to investigate its history and reputation, especially when purchasing a previously owned domain.

  1. Will Registering a Domain Name Help My Business?

Registering a domain name in your business’s name helps prevent others from using it and passing off their website as yours. It protects your brand identity and prevents the loss of customers.

  1. What is the Next Step to Register a Domain?

To register a domain name, use a domain name registration search tool to find and order the best domain names for your business. It is advised to order multiple popular top-level domains (suffixes) to protect your business effectively.

  1. Do I Need to Renew My Registration?

Yes, domain names must be renewed annually or once every two years, depending on the chosen registration period.

  1. What Do I Do Once After the Domain Name is Registered? 

After you have successfully registered your domain name, provide all the details to your technical advisor or website builder. They will take care of the necessary setup and configuration to make your website accessible.

  1. Do Domain Names Matter Anymore?

Domain names are still crucial in the digital landscape. They play a significant role in accessing websites and have become intrinsic to branding. A strong domain name strategy is essential for building a successful brand. There are 33,000 new domain name registrations every day.


The blog has covered the most common domain name FAQs to provide you with a better understanding of the parameters associated with buying domain names. We hope these FAQs answer your query and help you determine your needs better.