June 24, 2024


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Top Code and Framework Trends You Should Follow in 2017

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For the developers, 206 came out as one of the big years because numerous ecosystems in programming hit major milestones. The Angular JS 2 arrived as well as the movement of Node.js advanced towards VM neutrality. JavaScript fatigue was one of the major complaints experienced by developers. On the other hand, few felt fatigued by other people’s complaints.

During that year, Java 9 was delayed for the second time. On the other hand, Go 17 was released into the market. We are also expecting Go 18 to come soon as well as other new programming languages into the light. The progressive application websites, meanwhile, were the next enormous thing on the internet. For this reason, what do we expect to get by the beginning of this year? Let us look for the following things that are in store.

1. The Arrival of Java 9

The Java 9 environment is working hard to have the Project Jigsaw implementation details in this new system module. The release date for Java9 was pushed to mid-2017. However, the developers are estimating that they will move further than normal. It has a long-term impact in the world of programming because it is expected to be adopted on a massive scale.

Java 8 is also popular in the market because it has a better performance as well as a cleaner code than its predecessors. However, the founders of Java 9 don’t expect the adoption of Java 9 to exceed it is Java 8 counterpart. The challenges associated with the adoption of modules as well as some large projects is mostly for the framework and library authors. For some time, the cautious investors will still stay on Java 8 for some time.

2. Node.js Will Work Better for the Court Enterprise Users.

Most of the Node.js contributors contend that the module is growing with increased stability as well as having an increased focus on enterprises(https://www.pagerduty.com/why-pagerduty/developers/). The trend is also expected to grow further with the trends into 2017 and beyond. PayPal has extensively used Nod.js. So, there are many things we expect to see with the increased use of Node.js. Best practices with this module have also been fragmented. The developers of this module expect to establish a greater baseline of foundational knowledge so that those companies whose security is a priority to benefit greatly.

3. Go(Golang) will come up as a Top Language

Numerous research has been done into researching programming language ranks for many years. For 2017 and beyond, Golang is one of the languages you must be watching. People are increasingly adopting the use of this language as it yields greater results. In 2017, we expect that Golang astonishingly ascends as one of the top 10 programming languages to watch.

4. Progressive Web Applications(PWAs) take Lead

The progressive web applications emerged with a new trend in 2016 in the mobile web development. We also expect to see the trend grow in 2017 and beyond. The new installation for PWAs will be available for Windows and Android.