June 19, 2024


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Top Parameters To Choose Best Online Exam/Testing Software

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Hiring an employee was never so confusing as it is now. A less efficient employee costs the company more than his salary of an entire year, less because of his incompetence, but more due to losses occurred by dullness in the tasks issued to him. Whether it is UK or UAE, SAUDI ARABIA or SOUTH AFRICA companies from all over the world are conducting assessment tests before offering a job to a fit seeming candidate. For making the process more efficacious, online test software is preferably used now.

Mechanism of analysis in online exam software:

Before learning about which software is better for testing purpose, one should have knowledge about how online testing software works. The internet based test software generates a real computer test environment without the need of its exam software. This has been made possible by the exchange of data through an active web connection in every 10 seconds. On completion of the test, interviewers can run a comparative and detailed analysis for every candidate appeared in the testing process. The criteria included in testing are different for each category of testing software. More the criteria, more reliable will be the assessment.

An aptitude test demands candidates to utilize their mathematical, numerical and logical reasoning skills to answer a bunch of theoretical questions. It is a great medium to analyze if an applicant possesses the mental sharpness to solve these riddles in a specific time frame and it is still used by corporations as the initial filtration process. A psychometric test, on the other hand, consists of a range of abstract, verbal and numeric questions to evaluate the applicant’s attitude in general. Thus, it can be easily concluded that personality tests are way better than written aptitude tests for screening purpose in job hiring.

Which recruitment test is the best for my firm?

Besides looking for the best recruitment test, one should go for the most efficient exam. To conduct an efficient test, the business must figure out exactly what they need to know about a potential employee. With that thought out, they can then prepare questions to judge a candidate’s personality, his inconsistencies and weaknesses, traits of his or her that they would normally not admit during an interview. It is a means to peek into the underlying mechanism of what drives and motivates them.

A meta-analysis was published in 1998 by Frank Schmidt & John Hunter after 85 years of research on the usefulness of assessment tests in predicting performance the candidates if hired. They analyzed nineteen different assessment methods and concluded that conventional unstructured interviews were deeply bad at predicting the likely performance of the candidates once they were hired. r2 of.14 was calculated for unstructured interviews. However, it gained higher ranking, as reference check had seven percent of performance and three percent of work experience (in years).

However, to supplement your decision, few commonly employed parameters of online exam software listed below-

  • First parameter is validity. Whether the test measures the required criterion that can predict the success and performance in the future. An employer should ensure that candidates performing well in the test also produced expected output.
  • The second parameter is reliability. It can be demonstrated by the consistency of a test in measuring ability. “For a test to be reliable, an individual’s score should be about the same every time the individual takes it (allowing for the effects of practice)” (Stanley, 2004). The test cannot be declared consistent if a candidate appears in the test and on day one and secures a high score, then appears again in the test after some time and gets result of a significantly lower score.
  • Third parameter is used to supplement the second one. A test has to measure traits consistently; else it will have no value in predicting the future performance of a candidate.
  • The fourth parameter focuses on EEO or Equal Employment Opportunity. It exercises pre-employment test aspect. Because employment tests are periodically challenged in court, the company has to make sure that these tests do not breach any state, federal, or local laws, also including Title-VII.

Thus, any of the following tests can be employed according to the job profile and company policy.

  1. Pairin Pre-Employment Selection.
  2. Wonscore from Wonderlic.
  3. EMERGE Background Checks.
  4. The Assessment Company.