June 13, 2024


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Understanding Recruiters

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Saving Time and Money Using Social Media Recruiting Every recruiter wants to use the least time possible and find the most qualified applicants. The reason behind this is because they want to save their resources and use as little money as possible. The traditional recruitment was known to use so much time and resources when looking for qualified applicants. Some of the traditional methods that were used to look for qualified applicants was advertising the job vacancy on the newspaper or in a magazine. As a recruiter you pay a certain amount of money for the advertisement because that money is what keeps the publishing company running. After the recruiter has paid for the publication of the advertisement in the newspaper, it is very rare that they will get a decent place on the paper thus increasing their budget. For the recruiter to get a good deal out of the publication they have to promise the publisher a huge amount of money. Pre- publishing a number of advertisements is the process that is mostly carried out. The the publisher takes the advertisement as an investment because the recruiter will get much-qualified application as the advertisement runs. Once the applications are received the process of whittling down and weeding out starts. So much precious time will be wasted on shifting through the worthless, unqualified applications instead of using that time to the qualified applications. After all this work, the deadline for filling in the position will have passes even before conducting the interviews of the looking for the most qualified person. The recruiter may end up not hiring a qualified candidate because they will be under so much pressure of filling the position. The recruiter can use the social media recruiting because the method is new, fresh and easy to use. The social media recruitment has a worldwide rich instead of a regional reach for the qualified applicants. The recruiter is able to view all the applications from the applicant even before inviting them for an interview. The recruiter is able to learn about the applicant’s qualification, personality, friends, and affiliations in a way that the applicant won’t know. Using this platform, the information is found and seen by any member of the public. The recruiter is able to review as many applications as possible using the social media recruitment system. This process will save you time and money compared to resources and time used to traditional recruitment process. By the use of social media recruitment, it helps you ensure regular communication with the candidates, during the whole recruitment process.Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Recruiters

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