June 23, 2024


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Veteran Funerals: How to Prepare Correctly

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Funeral Etiquette: Military Funerals | Une Belle Vie Cremation Blog

For the most part, veteran funerals carry a great deal of similarities between civilian funerals. However, there are a few additional changes that you should be aware of prior to attending the funeral.

 Will there be gunfire at a veteran funeral?

Yes, an age-old custom of firing in volleys of three will likely be performed. This originated from the removal of fallen soldiers in battle that were being removed from the battlefield as a signal. The battle would then resume on the following volley, which is used in most veteran South Coast Family Funeral Services. Rifles being fired can be very loud, so if you are more sensitive to such noises, be sure to be careful listening when this occurs near the end of the service.

Drums and other accessories to the service

There will be live music played by part of the soldier’s battalion. This is often in the form of a drummer or other similar percussion instruments. Be careful as to not interrupt this portion, as respect is necessary to be maintained throughout the process.

How does the flag-folding process go?

You can expect next of kin to receive the flag from a military member towards the end of the ceremony.

Saluting at a veteran funeral

Saluting isn’t more respectful or disrespectful depending on the hand you use. The Navy is actually authorized for this type of salute, but it’s usually more so impacted by injury in battle that may impair the ability for the soldier to salute with their right hand. As a civilian, it’s simply right handed generally out of utility rather than a sign of respect.

Tragedy associated with veteran duty

In any case, losing a loved one is extremely hard. Remember for the family or party present that the service of their loved one impacted this, and to be respectful of this as you attend. It can be a majorly troubling time the same as it would be for any other loss of loved one, and you should prepare to speak to them accordingly. On top of the preparations for conversation, preparing for a veteran funeral and planning can be a very difficult process. This is the best place we can assist your process.

Getting started on veteran funeral preparations

If you are looking for where to turn on your arrangements, give us a call today to get started. We’ll learn more about your situation and go over the details at your pace, making sure that the process is as simple as possible. We’re sorry for your loss and hope to hear from you soon.