June 13, 2024


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What Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

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So, you’ve opened up your own business, registered with the right authorities, gotten all your licensing in order and maybe even received some good reviews on social media. You are off and running, master of your own destiny, beholden to none. But, what now? Who are your clients? How do you get more? And how will you keep up with the demand that comes from that growth?

The answer is scale. The world is changing rapidly and modern e-commerce demands both rapid turn around and high quality execution. The margin of error has shrunk to zero and your marketing range has gone global. You need a way to keep up and get ahead in a market that is competitive and unforgiving.

Single entry software can help you go from sales, through order processing, to fulfillment and review. It is your best option to staying viable and relevant in today’s business landscape. Your company may have a great product or service, but you need to make every execution more efficient and organized. Time is lost and errors are made when you have to key customer or order data in more than once. Single entry software can take your small business to a whole new level.

Imagine your sales team gets a lead. The client name goes in with just a number. The calls are made and your services are a good match. More customer information and order data is entered, and it is automatically sent to scheduling and fulfillment. Technicians and employees fill the order, or perform the service with the addresses and order information already provided.

Finally, this same information is available to your customer service team for a quick client follow-up that can add service value and generate positive feedback in the form of reviews across social media. This is a minor change that can streamline your process and generate huge impact in your marketing and performance.

What separates your average small business from the power wielded by the big boys? Efficiency and economy of scale. Streamline your business by reducing paperwork and implementing a system that reduces the chance for error or information loss. In this age of e-commerce, efficiency is the key to business.

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