April 14, 2024


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The Importance of JavaScript in Your Website

Posted on a certain website, is the latest usage statistics that show JavaScript being used in websites for over 91{ed536bf8733519818c7dcf8ff936a6e805b0b53c157edde7632cf06060b098b1} as a client-side programming language. JavaScript is also the preferred means of many programmers in writing both client-side and server-side. In using JavaScript for server-side development, developers have also to rely on frameworks like Node.js. It can be fairly concluded that large scale and complex enterprise applications can be handled by JavaScript effectively.

There are many supporting facts why JavaScript is able to take care complex enterprise applications effectively.

First reason is through simplifying composition of a complex enterprise application, programmers can easily hasten their development. Through JavaScript libraries, shadow of DOM boundaries is created and this makes it easier for programmers to simplify the composition of complex business applications. With the use of shadow DOM, web browsers will be able to generate and deliver documents with the use of common HTML tags such as div, select and input. Aside from decoupling the components in each of the framework of JavaScript, the shadow DOM will further lead a fluid communication between the components. Programmers are therefore helped through JavaScript in the maintenance and managing effectively by simplifying their composition.

Several surveys have highlighted the fact that a big percentage of population today use their mobile devices to access websites. Many companies now are also on the rise in implementing BYOD or bring your own device policies. Therefore, businesses need to make sure that there is a quality user experience delivery over various devices through the enterprise application. The objective therefore of a responsive web design, is to use a modern website design technique that will help businesses make their web-based enterprise deliver across different devices a quality user experience. It is in this responsive web design that there is an emphasis on the use of open technologies like the JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.

Next supporting reason why JavaScript is effective is its isormorphic application development. With the creation of web applications, delivery to user experience in many devices is of quality and so several companies are opting for isomorphic JavaScript development. With the use of isomorphic JavaScript applications, programmers are finding it easy to manage, update and maintain.

Developers can opt to use several transpilers in order to use simplified JavaScript programming thus programmers have an easy work. Programmers are helped in adding functionality to the enterprise application through these many transpiler tools, and eventually making JavaScript effective to handle different modern enterprise applications.

Compared to other systems, JavaScript has many available frameworks. Programmers can use the large frameworks such as Angular and Ember in adding functionality to the enterprise applications thus making the service fast. Lightweight libraries are also used by programmers in order to make some specific tasks efficient.
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