April 14, 2024


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World’s Smallest Hair Straightener For Fixing Old LCD Ribbons


[Stephen] writes to us about an Liquid crystal display repair service tool he has developed. We’ve all observed aged gadgets with monochrome LCDs connected by slender movie, in which connections in between the PCB and the Liquid crystal display have deteriorated and the Liquid crystal display would no longer display sections of the image. This is a relationship heating gadget, that [Stephen] affectionately dubs as World’s Smallest Hair Straightener, designed specially to convey cool aged tech back again to daily life.

A resin-printed mildew properties a coil of Kantian wire, effortless to resource and simple to make. He reuses a hair clip as a housing for the heating ingredient, which also supplies stress essential to squish the movie-printed conductive traces into the Lcd as the adhesive melts. Significant-temperature epoxy brings the two jointly, and with a variable energy offer, this tool efficiently introduced an old Tiger 99x handheld back again to lifestyle.

This hack was designed achievable, in section, simply because of [JohnDevin Duncan] in Hackaday comment area sharing his experience on restoring Liquid crystal display ribbons back in 2015, providing valuable insights on the challenge that we to begin with imagined would be solve-equipped with a soldering iron. The know-how shared was distilled by [Stephen] into a tool that we all can now use when we experience a unit we genuinely, definitely want to revive for what it indicates to us.

Final time we protected this matter, really a handful of hackers popped up with their tales and tips. Aged activity console resolve tales are a staple here on Hackaday, a several pop to intellect – this significant-work trace restore of a h2o-destroyed GameBoy cartridge, a badly made NES cartridge socket reinvention, and this GameBoy Liquid crystal display sunburn destruction restoration guide.


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