June 13, 2024


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5 Unconventional Marketing Campaigns Gone Viral

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5 Unconventional And Effective Guerilla Marketing Ideas - Depositphotos Blog

These days, marketing campaigns can be elaborately planned affairs or simple, albeit brilliant ideas that go viral. With a talented digital marketing company on your side, you can benefit from a variety of marketing strategies regardless of your budget if you just think outside the box a bit. Take some inspiration from these five unconventional marketing campaigns that took the world by storm.

Unconventional Marketing Campaigns That Were Successful

IHOP Turns Into IHOb

As the name suggests, the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) has always been synonymous with…pancakes. But when it expanded its menu to include burgers, the restaurant made sure customers would notice when it briefly changed its name to the International House of Burgers (IHOb). 

Social media quickly became abuzz with memes and comments, and IHOP’s social media team came prepared with all the answers to these curiosities. 

The Cosmic Playlist by Spotify

From Discover Weekly to Year-End playlists, Spotify has always been keen on giving its listeners a more personal streaming experience. But the platform took it a notch higher when it launched its “Cosmic Playlist,” a set of playlists based on the listener’s horoscope. 

Spotify worked with famed astrologer Chani Nicolas in creating these playlists for American listeners and the campaign went viral right away. Who doesn’t want to listen to music based on astrological readings?

Chipotle’s Burrito Baby Shower

Chipotle lost a lot of customers due to a health scare that gave the restaurant a lot of negative press. But it had an unexpected comeback in 2018 when a couple pulled over in a Chipotle parking lot to give birth. 

Chipotle took advantage of this positive news by organizing a baby shower for the parents, the 911 dispatchers, and their families. 

The baby was even gifted a swaddle that looked like a tortilla to mark the occasion.

Paving for Pizza by Domino’s

Domino’s, like most pizza companies in the United States, had an issue: damaged pizzas delivered to customers. But the company said that these cases of destroyed pizzas weren’t because of bad driving but due to the numerous potholes in the streets of America. 

These incidents paved the way for the “Paving for Pizza Across America” campaign, during which Domino’s bestowed grants to municipalities across the country to repair the potholes in those areas. The “Paving for Pizza Across America” campaign helped the company garner loyalty and respect from customers for fixing a problem that a lot of people suffer from daily.

Epic (Twitter) Rap Battle: Wendy’s vs. Wing Stop

Social media is where it’s at; it’s definitely the best place to create a buzz about your brand without an exorbitant budget. No other fast-food chain has embraced social media quite like Wendy’s. The fast-food chain has famously roasted other brands on Twitter for years. 

One of its most notable fights turned into a Twitter rap battle with Wing Stop. Both brands received a lot of attention on social media without spending a dollar on advertising for this simple yet very effective marketing stunt. This is where a good social media team can really benefit your business.

If you want your campaigns to go viral without spending a lot of your marketing budget, make sure to work with a digital marketing company that can help you plan, execute, and track your marketing campaigns.