July 17, 2024


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5 web design trends that will be popular in 2018 by Saad Raja

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As the year moves towards its end, famous designers attempt to reveal the trending designs in the industry at present. The design world is rapidly changing and demands designers to know what trends will be popular in the future as well. Saad Raja discusses the following 5 trends of the design world that will lead the industry in 2018.

1) Web animation

Animations provide a dynamic aspect to designs and provide a strong image to the brand in the digital world. Animations also help in grabbing user attention and facilitating the process of storytelling of a brand. The revival of animated GIF has also furthered the use of animations by designers. Considering the huge success of animations this year, they are likely to be a growing trend next year as well.

2) Use of bold colors

The use of bold colors has rapidly increased across digital platforms in 2017. With the advent of different tools that are helping designers explore new and exciting ways of integrating color into their designs, more and more designers are now engaged in using this technique to create remarkable experiences for users. In the future, it is expected that adventurous colors will be combined with customization as well as personalization to deliver a completely distinctive experience for the consumers.

3) Use of innovative typography

Typography is an important weapon that has helped designers add emphasis and aesthetics to their designs. In the future, not only are designers expecting the revival of serifs but numerous customized fonts and other bold typography trends.

4) Data storytelling

The design world has been greatly emphasizing the need for constructive storytelling through design in a simplifying manner that engages with the audience. Designers are continually trying to use animations as a means of storytelling but what they need to ensure is that data and information must be the focal point of their designs.

5) Flat design 2.0

Flat design 2.0 is all about adding depth and variation in the design by adding gradients and shadows but in a limited way. Gradients and shadows have their revival, and it is expected that more and more designers will engage in integrating the updated and stylized version of shadows in their projects. According to Saad Raja designers will believe that the return of shadows and gradients in 2018 will make the design more functional and attractive.