November 26, 2022


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A Solar Supercap Power Supply To Keep Your Projects Running

A Solar Supercap Power Supply To Keep Your Projects Running

Solar yard lights and a lot of other identical trinkets normally depend on cheap rechargeable batteries as a electrical power supply when the sun isn’t shining. [Darryl] figured that a supercapacitor could do the position in its place, and established about creating a photo voltaic supercap energy supply that could run several tasks. 

The electricity provide is developed to use a smaller 60 x 40mm photo voltaic panel that offers somewhere around 500 mW at max output. This rates two supercapacitors which feed their output into a TPS61200 raise converter, specifically created for operating with extremely-very low enter voltages down to .3 V. The boost convert can then be configured to output 3.3 V or 5 V based on the preferred voltage for the gadget to be powered. A specific MOSFET array aspect is employed to demand the twin supercaps in series, guaranteeing they keep balanced and really do not get overcharged by the sunshine.

The layout has labored effectively in follow. [Darryl] reviews that it has efficiently run a LoRa machine reporting each 10 minutes for over two several years with no concern.

Photo voltaic electrical power is a magical issue, capable of delivering electrical power for totally free if you can get out there and capture it. If you’re performing on your personal solar-powered jobs, never wait to fall us a line!