July 13, 2024


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Freelancer vs Fiverr vs Designhill – Review to Find an Ideal Cost-Effective Design Solution Marketplace

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Business owners consistently require graphic designs to keep pace with their changing marketing needs. Often, they look for redesigning of existing logos, business cards, stationery etc designs for complying with new business developments. This clearly means that marketing budget for creation of graphic designs must be carefully managed, which requires drastic cutting of costs. Startups and small companies especially have to restrict spending. Therefore, most of them look for cost-effective graphic design solutions.

In their quest for cost lowering solutions, small business owners end up outsourcing design works to online marketplaces. But the web is already flooded with all sorts of crowdsourcing platforms, which often results in problem of plenty and picking a suitable marketplace becomes difficult.

To help you, we have here compared three of the leading crowdsourcing marketplaces on the web. These platforms are Designhill, Fiverr and Freelancer. So, let us see which of them is ideal for outsourcing your design job at low prices with an eye on quality of the work.

Designhill.com is a leading online marketplace for providing all graphic design solutions in all categories.  The marketplace has thousands of professional and amateur graphic designers coming from different cultural backgrounds from across the globe. In its short period since inception in 2008, Designhill has earned a great reputation for offering low cost design solutions including creation of logo, business cards, websites, mobile apps, stationery, t-shirts to business owners with high-end quality work delivered on time.

 Freelancer.com is a popular site for people looking for gigs and outsourcing of work. The site works on bidding basis. When you post a job on the site, freelancers have to compete by bidding the lowest prices for completion and delivering of the work.

Fiverr.com has been around for many years as a favorite marketplace for freelance job seekers and employers.  A unique feature for employers on the site is that they can get a job done at a fixed rate of $5, though freelancers can quote their fee higher too.

Now, let us compare these sites for costs and quality


Designhill is a contest-based platform. This means that, for instance, to create a logo, you will launch a logo design contest for graphic designers. At this site, your minimum cost for creating and owning a logo design is $49, which is mostly within reach of small companies’ budget. Startups usually require a working logo without spending too much on a design that they may be recreating anyway in few years. So, cost of designing a professionally customized logo on Designhill is absolutely affordable for startups. There are no hidden payments involved in launching a design contest and getting the work done.

However, if small business owners want to make a contest more attractive for designers, the site offers higher pricing packaging too. The site is known for keeping all costs transparent for business owner clients.

With Freelancer.com, cost of logo designing or other graphic designing depends a lot on bidding by designers. After posting your job, wait for the lowest bid from a designer on or before last date. But if the lowest bid price is not on your expected lines, you either cancel the deal or settle for a comparatively higher cost. If you set an initial price too low, chances of attracting talented designers are bleak.

Moreover, business owners are also required to pay a high membership fee. The site will also deduct $3 or 3 percent of your total project cost. You also have to fork out money towards transferring payments online. So, overall costs may escalate from your first estimation.

As far as Fiverr is concerned, it seems to be an ideal outsourcing site for graphic design work. The site has plenty of designers who quote their price for logo designing etc at fixed rate of $5, which seems attractive for employers. However, overall cost may go higher for different reasons. Fiverr will deduct its fee from the transaction. You may also have to pay additionally to the designer for sending the work in specific files.

Quality of Work

Small companies look for good graphic design quality of logos, business cards etc. First memorable impression of a logo, for instance, helps in driving them to a company’s business for queries and shopping. A competitively designed logo can do wonders in building a great brand image of your business and helps you stand out.

Designhill has thousands of competitive graphic designers who look for an attractive contest. When you have dozens of logo designers working simultaneously to win prize money, it results in generation of new design ideas. A typical contest delivers at least half a dozen unique design concepts from designers. If your contest prize is higher, you can expects even fifty design submissions to chose from. Therefore, the site maintains a high standard of design quality. For your satisfaction, visit the site’s testimonial page and read what satisfied clients have to say.

When Freelancer is judged for quality of submitted graphic designs, you have mixed results. You may or may not receive work to your satisfaction. This is primarily because you are dependent on one freelancer designer who quoted the lowest price. Unlike many designers working for winning a design contest on Designhill, you rely on the mercy of one unknown designer. So, chances of getting a quality work done on freelancer.com are very low.

At fiverr, do not expect high quality of logo and other graphic designs. First, there is no incentive for designers as the fee is dirt-cheap. For just $5 to create a logo, a designer is unlikely to focus hard to deliver a quality work. Also, if you reject a logo design, you still have to pay.


Given the aforementioned comparison, we can conclude that Designhill seems to be your best bet when cost-effectiveness and high quality of graphic designs is a consideration. This platform allows you to create customized design solution within your set price. A wide range of helpful features further ensures better quality of work. Freelancer.com and Fiverr have hidden costs for clients and they can end-up paying more. These sites are not known for delivering quality works due to bidding and little incentives for better performance.