September 28, 2023


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If The Blade Sees Its Shadow, It’s Another 64th Of Accuracy

If you’ve purchased a miter noticed in the past handful of several years, you may have noticed the LED “laser” that came with it. The purpose was to clearly show where by on the piece the observed was likely to cut. But around a calendar year or two, you could have observed the laser to have drifted or skewed into a crooked line. [Fisher] determined that his after-marketplace laser wasn’t entirely accurate enough and added a shadow line in its place. (Video, embedded below the crack.)

The blade has a thickness (identified as kerf), and with a laser to one facet, you can only correctly lower on a person side of the line. A shadow line works in a different way. By shining a line at the prime of the blade, you get a mark exactly where the blade will lower precisely. You can also see your marks as the laser does not glow in excess of them. Formerly, [Fisher] had experimented with to use LED strips, but after a remark instructed it, he identified a stitching light on a gooseneck. It worked wonderful as a compact compact mild fitting the blade housing. Right after some quick modifications, hot glue, and duct tape, the gentle was put in, and the wires had been routed although even now letting the saw its entire range of motion.

The consequence is spectacular, with a distinct shadow on even darker hardwoods. Just the couple check cuts he made appeared fully correct. Of class, you can usually go further down the gap of accuracy and measurement. But general, [Fisher] has a good minor mod that speeds up his workflow extra precisely.