May 18, 2024


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Is Colleen Slater’s Blog Inferno Worth the Money?

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Colleen Slater, the self proclaimed 60 Minute Affiliate, is about to release her Blog Inferno system which claims to be the best niche marketing guide on the internet.

Ms Slater has put together a collection of articles, mind maps, templates and videos which she claims will help the average affiliate marketer increase their online income.

I was lucky enough to receive a preview of the Blog Inferno system to review exactly what has been put together and get the chance to see if it is worth its salt or if it is just another scam.

Now first up, I want to tell you that I like Colleen’s work as the 60 Minute Affiliate. She offers a large array of guidance and tips which will help niche marketers get ahead of the competition. She even offers free one on one coaching to those struggling to make the sales that they had initially hoped for.

Blog Inferno is a collection of these guides turned into one ebook, with some of the ideas expanded upon slightly. As with many affiliate marketing guides, a lot of the information contained within the book is already readily available at no cost elsewhere.

What Ms Slater does do is offer video tutorials for the struggling masses. If you have time and patience to watch step by step guide, and you are a visually oriented person, this may be a great thing for you to do.

Blog Inferno won’t get you website rankings in minutes, and it won’t make you sales within days. But it does offer some insights for those who are just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing.

If you really want to make some impact on the internet world – your money is best spent on Andrew Hansen’s Firepow. Firepow is a tool which will have your website getting top rankings on Google within hours, as well as some neat tricks that aren’t available anywhere else – not to mention support from the a community of successful online money makers – including Hansen himself, who is quick to respond and a pleasure to deal with.

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