April 14, 2024


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Search Eclipse SEO Tips: Things to Learn to Become an Effective Search Engine Optimizer

When you first started SEO or Search Engine Optimization, you feel like it is a tough job with all the technical tasks and the volume of new things to learn. You know that a lot of professional Search Engine Optimization experts have been working in the industry for almost a decade, continually learning new techniques and methods, as search engines like Google come out with updates nearly every month.

There is a learning curve where beginners will need to start, and if you are beyond that, you will need to catch-up on every new techniques, tactics, strategies and method that’s coming out. But before you get overwhelmed by all the technicalities, you need to understand that while Search Engine Optimization involves a lot of components, and each element are not that complicated.

If you break down Search Engine Optimization to its core fundamentals, you will know that it is very learnable.

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Which Search Engine Optimization fundamentals you need to learn first?

Look at the big picture

Before you start with Search Engine Optimization tricks and tactics, you need to look back and learn about the “big picture” of Search Engine Optimization. The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to optimize your website to get higher rankings in organic searches relevant to your niche.

There are ways to do this, but everything boils down to making improvements on your site’s authority and relevance. Your authority is a measurement of how Google sees your website to be trustworthy. You can improve your authority with brand mentions, solid UI metrics, inbound links, and producing high-quality contents.

Relevance is a measurement of how your materials are appropriate for incoming queries. It can be tweaked using content creation and keyword selection.

Page and domain authority

The next thing you need to do is to learn about page and domain authority, and how these two can predict your website’s search rankings. Here is the basic idea – your website’s domain authority is the proprietary score that is provided by Moz and shows how trustworthy your site is.

It is calculated based on the quality and quantity of the inbound links of your site. The higher your trustworthiness is, the higher your pages of your website will rank in organic search results. Page authority also works this way, but more page-specific.

You can also use page authority to engineer a link architecture that will strategically favor your pages over others. Page authority depends on the volume and authority of your inbound links.

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On-site optimization

On-site optimization is a Search Engine Optimization tactic that most are very simple to implement. It is geared towards making your site indexable and visible to search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

The tactics used include optimizing your meta descriptions and titles, to add your targeted keywords, making sure that your website’s code is minimal and clean, and providing relevant, ample contents on every page.

Facets of digital content marketing

Though digital content marketing is considered a distinct Search Engine Optimization strategy, an SEO company or experts, would see it as an essential element in a Search Engine Optimization process. By developing quality contents, you will be able to optimize your targeted keywords, generate a loyal following, and build your website’s authority. You should at least know the basics before you can proceed in other components of Search Engine Optimization.

Link building

Guest posting, one of the most popular technique in building links, in some respects, is just digital content marketing applied to publishers. The primary goal is to create quality content on external sites, building your brand and your company’s brand all at the same time, as well as creating a lot of opportunities to link back to your website. There’s not a lot of good strategies to build quality links, that is why it is imperative to learn and understand all of them very well.

Adjustment and troubleshooting

In your first few months as a Search Engine Optimizer, you will undoubtedly run into problems and challenges as everyone else. There will be a time that your website’s rankings will plateau, you will find the contents that have the same idea as your website, and you will probably see ranking volatility.

You will need to understand how to know and address these kinds of problems if you don’t want these problems to bring down the effectiveness of your Search Engine Optimization campaign. You don’t need to learn all the SEO fundamentals, but you need to know that it is essential to learn the basics of these techniques at least. Remember, Search Engine Optimization theory is perfect, but to fully take advantage of them, you need to put these theories into action.