April 20, 2024


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SounHound and Shazam: analysis of the best applications to discover music

When it was not so common to see iPhones down the street it was tremendously fun to use certain apps to impress friends and family. It was amazing to see how they opened their eyes to see what they were capable of making devices so small and so simple to use. One type of applications that were very successful to impress were the identification of songs. Listen to a cnation, give it to the screen and let the phone tell you the author and the title would leave people with their mouths open.

There are two applications that are competing for the throne of song identification on iOS: Soundhound and Shazam. These two applications that in past payment are competing face to face by taking a piece of the cake of the identification of music by the user. Both are tremendously similar and offer us very similar services. Which one is the best? Which one do we have to install on our iPhone? Today we make a comparison so that you can choose wisely.

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Two very similar applications

Soundhound and Shazam have a very simple and direct use: identify songs. And the two do, within what fits, quite efficiently (we will analyze this part below). What does each application offer us to choose one or the other? Well, unfortunately not much. And we say lamentably because the two applications are too similar. Over time both Shazam and Soundhound have been copying characteristics to each other that now make two applications almost the same.

For example. Shazam puts at our disposal a list of the last songs identified with the possibility to classify them. Soundhound also does it in a similar way. The latter allows us to see what our friends have identified in the last few days, Shazam as well. The two applications have lists of popularity and also recommendation of songs as well as an interesting map of identifications where we can see the songs that has been seeing the people that we have around ours.

Differences? Few and few points. On the one hand Soundhound includes a player that allows us to load the songs that we have in our iPhone and to be able to see the information that we would have as if we had identified with the speaker. On the other hand, Shazam has a cleaner interface, leaving everything clearer and more accessible and providing us with some more option in the song information. But not many more, is not going to be that you differ too much from your competitor.

The identification of songs: slight differences

Since they are so similar applications to decide between an application and another we have to look at its main function: the identification of songs. We have done several tests with the two applications and we have come to quite interesting conclusions that can help you. On the one hand, Shazam is faster (usually) than Soundhound when it comes to identifying. In familiar songs it usually takes a few seconds less than its competitor and that, in the time that we live, is a plus point.

In terms of number of identifications Soundhound advances slightly left to Shazam. And is that in the tests we have done Soundhound has identified more songs than Shazam. Not many more, 30 songs have identified 27 against 25 but the truth is that it seems that Soundhound has a wider database than Shazam when it comes to music not very popular. Of course, Shazam is able to identify versions of songs, which Soundhound costs a little because, for example, in an acoustic version Shazam has been able to correctly identify it while Soundhound was “wrong” showing us the original song. A tiny bug but it is a failure after all.

Which to choose? It is a difficult and easy decision at a time. Difficult because as you see the result is practically a draw. And easy because the applications are free so we can have both installed without any problem, try them and stay the one that most convince us by interface or use. They are two exceptional applications to identify songs that deserve to be undoubtedly on our iPhone.