April 13, 2024


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The steady rise of the Chief Data Officer


2. Firms are not strolling the wander

Even with the increase in info mentions, not all businesses are thoroughly committed to the purpose of the CDO. As the scale of out there data grows exponentially, the need to make feeling and capitalise on its insights for value raises alongside it, but so far, that has not translated to main information executives in the bulk of surveyed corporations. That reported, almost a quarter (21 p.c) of the organisations in the research do have an individual in the job at a senior executive level. 

In the 2,500 premier publicly stated corporations, 530 CDOs had been uncovered dispersed throughout the globe. The US, at the top rated of the checklist, has 272 CDOs in these firms, France has 37 and Australia, 6th greatest, has just 12. Sweden and Spain have 4 every. Of training course, the mother nature of the study data, being the most significant publicly detailed companies, will signify that final results skew in favour of North The united states and Europe, but that doesn’t signify that CDOs are not on the increase in Australia – nor that there are only 12 nationwide. Our do the job with clients tells us that greater quantities of CDOs are becoming appointed domestically – and much more are on the way.

It is also crucial to be aware that some companies haven’t appointed a CDO immediately, rather offering parts of their job to other executives, these kinds of as the Main Digital Officer or CIO. Furthermore, numerous corporations have a number of house owners of info all over their organisations.  

Pleasingly, 58 % of the CDOs in the study had been C-suite customers, an sign that organisations recognize the integral position of facts to business strategy. And the part, although still rising, is gaining traction and recognition. Nearly half of the CDOs in the study have been appointed given that 2019, and at the latest expansion charge, 50 percent of the organisations researched could have a CDO in spot in the subsequent 3 several years.


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