March 4, 2024


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What Do You Write About in a Blog?

Sometimes bloggers forget to consider why they are writing any one blog post. Your ‘why’ for each blog post is probably one of the most important aspects of blogging.

If you take the time to plan your blog posts in advance based on season, events, and product promotions, it will help you remember why you are writing any one post.

Know Your Call To Action (CTA)

If you start your blog post with understanding what the call to action will be, you can better stick to the ‘why’ of the post. After all, the entire reason for writing the post is the CTA.

Consider the Introductions

It can be helpful to write your introductions after you’ve written the body of the blog post. The reason is that you can use the intro to foreshadow what they’ll learn later, which can help keep the reader’s interest.

Plan Out the Entire Post

Outlines are good. You may not think so yet because you may feel like you’re in school, but an outline can help you remember to put everything in the blog post that needs to be there. As you make the outline, the point of the post becomes super clear and you’ll be able to highlight that ‘why’ easier.

Add Images

Images help promote the meaning of your post in a way that just words can’t. But, before you choose an image you should absolutely understand the ‘why’ of your blog post. Is it to promote a product, educate your audience about some facts, or to motivate some other action like sharing, joining your email list or something else entirely?

Give the Headline Thought

Sometimes a headline or title can help you figure out the direction of your content. Some people write their headline first, other people write it last. Writing something for a headline first can help you orient the blog post in the right direction. You can always perfect it later.

Remember the Conclusion

After you’ve written the meat of the post and the intro, and added images and humor, don’t forget to add a conclusion to the post. Conclusions are where your CTA usually resides and where you’ll encourage sharing. It’s often where the entire point of the post lives too.

Edit with the Goal in Mind

Once you think you’re done, go back and edit the your content with the goal in mind. That will help you fix any problems with the post, add in relevant keywords, and make everything stand out more so that the reason why is apparent to the audience.