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Why Install WordPress on a Subdomain? Pros and Cons

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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in website development. It provides users of Australia and the world with various choices to create and handle their online presence. 

However, website owners have to make various decisions regarding Australian domain names, Australian domain hosts, website hosting and more. 

But apart from that, another important decision that website owners frequently encounter is whether to install WordPress on a subdomain. 

This choice entails benefits and factors to consider, which impact the functionality and user experience. 

In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of installing WordPress on a subdomain, offering insights to make you right decision.

Pros of Installing WordPress On a Subdomain

  1. Content Segmentation

The subdomain feature provides a way to separate your installation from your website, which can be advantageous when the two serve purposes. For example, one installation could be dedicated to a content-focused blog while the other functions as an eCommerce store.

  1. Flexibility in Using Themes and Plugins

With this WordPress setup, you can utilise themes and plugins. It allows for design options and enhanced functionality, making achieving desired outcomes easier than using a WordPress installation.

  1. Consistent Branding

With the separation in place, you can maintain a brand identity. This consistency is essential, and a subdomain WordPress allows you to use it for different purposes without compromising the overarching brand image.

  1. Independent Hosting

You can use hosting for your subdomain website, further ensuring its separation from the website. It proves useful if the content on the subdomain requires resources, preventing any potential performance impact on your primary website.

  1. Customised Backup Schedules

You can save resources by backing up each website on separate schedules optimised for their specific needs while ensuring data safety. This flexibility allows for the management of backup processes tailored to each installation.

  1. Avoidance of URL Conflicts

Unlike installing WordPress in a subfolder where URL conflicts may arise, utilising a subdomain structure ensures organised URLs without any concerns about clashes or confusion.

Cons of Installing WordPress On a Subdomain

  1. SEO Concerns

Google might perceive subdomains as websites, potentially impacting SEO since the subdomain will not fully benefit from the domain’s authority. There is discussion among SEO professionals regarding the extent of this matter.

  1. Complexity in Management

Having two separate WordPress installations can make things more complex when managing your website, especially when applying updates. If you find this complexity concerning, one alternative to consider is using WordPress multisite.

  1. Additional Services Requirement

Apart from WordPress, it’s important to note that treating subdomains as separate websites means you’ll need duplicates of services. It includes setting up properties in Google Search Console and potentially purchasing licenses for plugins that count subdomains as individual websites.

  1. Possible Security Challenges

Managing security for two WordPress installations can be more intricate and may require measures to ensure the security of both the subdomain and the main website. It involves monitoring vulnerabilities closely and implementing security protocols for each installation.

  1. Concerns about User Experience

Moving between the domain and subdomain might lead to a bad user experience, especially if the two significantly differ in design, navigation or user interface. Ensuring a transition and cohesive experience for users across both domains may require some effort.


Understanding the pros and cons of installing WordPress on a subdomain by cpanel or manually will help you make a rational decision. 

It will help you balance them so you can reap the maximum benefits and reduce the loss while taking steps to achieve online success. 

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