July 17, 2024


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Why It’s Smarter to Find a Guest Posting Service Than Write Yourself

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Why It’s Smarter to Find a Guest Posting Service Than Write Yourself

There are almost 500.000 million blogs on the internet. The competition to stand out and have a blog that’s recognizable is unbelievable. If you’re about to start a blog now, chances are huge you’ll have a very difficult time getting through and reaching to the audience.

In this article, we’re going to explain why services that offer guests post are the perfect choice for getting your blog up there instead of doing all this work by yourself. Let’s start with the basics.

What is important to have a successful blog?

In order to have a blog that can be called successful, you need to have a lot of visitors and rank high on the search engines, preferably Google. To do this, you need to follow certain rules. If you want a thorough understanding of how Google ranks, please visit this site.

How to get the visitors

Readers to your blog content don’t just come by themselves as soon as you publish an article. You need to fight for them. The best way for this is by guest posting on other people’s relevant blogs. However, getting there is almost impossible as the number of blogs trying to stand out is enormous while the number of blogs that are popular and offer guest posting is pretty small.

How to rank higher

To be taken into consideration and rank higher on search engines you need to have a blog that’s relevant. You get relevant by having lots of other pages backlinking to your blog. This means your content is important for the readers and your articles are relevant to be linked. The problem is, no one knows you when your blog is new. No matter the content, you need to show it to people who will quote you and place links on their blogs that lead to yours.

Should you do it on your own?

Sure why not, if you want to have a successful blog somewhere around 2045. If you’re lucky. And the internet still exists. As you can see above, getting through is really difficult. You need all the help you can get, and this is why it’s much better hiring professionals.

Why are professionals the right choice?

Guest posting services provide everything you need for a great blog. It’s not just to be an expert in a field, but you need to be a talented writer, marketing agent, SEO master, and so much more. These companies provide anything you need. You just need to have an idea and know exactly what you want. For example, websites like https://qualityguestposts.com/ provide everything from writing articles to providing links to your blog. Everything is done in a matter of days.

Are they safe?

Most services that provide such content have a money back guarantee. If you don’t find this sign on their web, simply don’t make a deal with them and look for another one. There are more than just one, so try to find what suits you the best.

What do I get that I can’t provide myself?

You can provide anything by yourself, the problem is it’s darn hard. For example, you can always create two blogs and backlink one to the other, but the problem is these blogs are both useless in the eyes of Google. You need blogs and web pages that are ranking high. One of the highest-ranking sites is Wikipedia. If Wikipedia links back to your blog, you’re certainly going places.

The problem is, Wiki can choose from some of the other half-a-billion blogs, why choose you? You don’t need to aim so high as the most popular information web page out there. You can try and get backlinks from other highly respected blogs and pages, but this is also nearly impossible. You can check articles that explains how hard it is to get published on another person’s blog.

Guest posting service companies usually have a lot of connections and a lot of blogs owned by them or by their associates. The network they use is huge compared to your one-man show. That’s why their work and their efforts will always be ahead of you and it’s hard to compete against an army of people working for one cause – getting your blog up.


No one denies that lots of today’s most popular blogs were once invisible and irrelevant. They worked their way through by themselves. However, just 4 years ago, the number of blogs was around 150 million. Today is just around 500 million. The battle for higher ranking is outrageous, and the odds getting through by yourself are slim to none.

This is why hiring someone who knows what they’re doing is the best, and maybe the only choice you have if you want to make your blog successful and seen by a wider public.