June 23, 2024


Epicurean computer & technology


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Level770 is a company in the online marketing field that has been providing technology solution and services to the investors. They do this by providing them with an array of tools which makes their business run smoothly and consecutively increase their sales. The company is also known for providing a high quality platform for B2B collaboration which has been attributed by their specialty in capital market which they trade globally. Level770 has been in online trading technologies field for more than ten years, and during this years it has managed to provide seventy-seven call centers with wide varieties of trading brands. Below are some of the financial services and technological tools provided by Level 770.

Trading Platforms

With this platform, the investors are able to manage, open and close their financial products. The company provides trading platforms such as Meta Trader 5(MT5), Meta Trader 4(MT4) and Webtrader which are easily accessible through mobile technology or on the web. The company’s partners also benefit from self-trading services including a variety of assets and tools provided by the company. Through the use of the platform, the company is able to help its investors achieve their business goals by offering them online trade training through tutorials and education enrichment centers.

CRM system

The customer relationship management system of the company does maintain a positive relationship with their customers where they answer their customer’s question through the call center and also organize the previous interaction with the customers. The system also ensures full trading follow-up where they use advanced technology for surveillance.

Trading Brands

The investor has a wide range of trading brands provided by the company which they can use in their call centers. The company has ensured that all their trading brands are very flexible meaning they are able to suit different business development stages and financial markets of each call center.

VOIP System

Voice over Internet Protocol is systems that has great benefit to call centers that have workers working in remote areas since it enable them to make calls from interior areas so long as they have the internet connection. Unlike in the past where phone calls were made using traditional telephone hardware, the Voice over Internet Protocol technology enables making the phone call over the internet through the use of the software. For the investors to use Voice over Internet Protocol system he should be connected to WIFI, broadband Internet connection or 3G, 4G phone data networks. In addition to VOIP system, the company also provides advanced communication tools, for example, the automatic dialer which enables someone to initiate a recorded message.

Full Escort and Supervision

The company does move step by step with their partners as they establish their new call centers and also give them essential skills such as basement measurement. The company ensure that it is involved at the initial planning stages and day to day operations of their partners.

The company also does guarantee support and assistance with trading and technical issues, meaning chances of you making right decision for your business is almost a hundred percent. Also, their consultation service has a quick reaction and maximum courtesy is observed.

As I conclude, it is a fact that innovation is vital when it comes to online trading industry and that why level 770 does work around the clock so as to embrace technological innovation that is successful. The company has constantly maintained they are not afraid of innovation; instead they are excited by it, for more information, visits the company website level770.com.