April 19, 2024


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SME Investment Ideas: Great and Useful Tech

If you are the owner of one of the country’s many SMEs who happens to find themselves with a surplus amount of disposable income, then you firstly need to give yourself a pat on the back, before then looking at ways you can invest this.

A great way to spend this money, and put it into something that can help improve your SME, is within newer, more advanced technologies. To give you a better idea of this though, in this post you can find a number of examples of such tech that you can look into purchasing.

Cloud Computing

You may have heard of cloud computing already, but it’s fair to say these services have come a long way from just providing a means of online storage. Modern cloud services can now be used to hold and run programs, help businesses stay connected on-the-go and also allow you access to work all over the world.

Better Power Supplies

With a little extra money, you may want to look at revamping your machines and what you use to power these. You can find more efficient options like DC-DC converters and super-fast charging cables which can reduce your energy consumption.


For SMEs who have a high volume of online customer service enquires, you can find sophisticated chatbot programs which can help manage and deal with multiple queries at once. These can streamline your customer services and help to handle customer issues much quicker.

Virtual Reality

VR headsets aren’t just for fun and games, these are now so advanced you could use them to give customers and clients a view of what your product or service is, as if they were using it themselves. These can be a great way to demonstrate what you offer, in a more affordable way.

Automated Email Marketing

If you currently have a number of email marketing campaigns, you can find programs like MailChimp which you can buy to help you review the effectiveness of the emails you’re sending. Such programs can tell you about who is reading your emails, how much they read, whether they reply and much more.

It might be that not all of the above will be relevant to your particular SME, but hopefully this will have given you at least some idea into the different tech that’s on offer to you. What’s certain though is that whatever you choose to invest in, you’re sure to help improve your company for the better.